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CGCM REVIEWS (Album/Concert)

Metal Byrds - Birdie Lane

THE METAL BYRDS – Birdie Lane (Album Review)

The Metal Byrds – Birdie Lane The Metal Byrds just keep chugging along, putting out one strong release after the ...
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THE LONELY ONES – Rockford, IL (Concert Review)

Here’s the thing…I could see The Lonely Ones live, over and over again. And I have! Every show is different ...
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EBB: Mad & Killing Time: Album Cover

EBB – Mad & Killing Time (Album Review)

EBB: Mad & Killing Time: Album Cover Introducing The Band A couple of weeks ago I received a recommendation for ...
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STRYPER – The Final Battle (Album Review)

STRYPER – The Final Battle Stryper have been around for about 40 years, trying to fit in with all the ...
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THRESHOLD – Dividing Lines (Abum Review)

Threshold: Dividing Lines: Album Out November 2022 All Important History Lesson British prog rockers Threshold return with their 12th studio ...
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STORM FORCE in the Hammer (Concert Review)

STORM FORCE in the Hammer Saturday, November 12th. Loaded up the car, picked up the Meister and headed West. To ...
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HRH: Hard Rock Hell or Hard Rock Heaven? It’s a veritable query I pose to you out there reading. For ...
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PERFECT PLAN – Brace For Impact (Album Review)

PERFECT PLAN – Brace For Impact Perfect Plan is an AOR/Melodic Hard Rock band from Örnsköldsvik in Sweden and consists ...
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