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CGCM REVIEWS (Album/Concert)

HALLOWEEN BASH – AJ’s Bar and Restaurant, Montreal (Concert Review)

Change of Plan The Halloween Party at AJ's Bar and Restaurant was Plan B It turned out to be the ...
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Lÿnx – Long Live Rock and Roll (Album Review)

Hailing from Calgary, Canada Lÿnx are pure, unadulterated good-time glam metal. They take their name from the Canadian lynx, a ...
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BROWN ACID – The Thirteenth Trip – Various Artists (Album Review)

Introduction And Background: Brown Acid are releasing their thirteenth album in the "Acid Trip" series. To give some background to ...
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To say that I was over-excited about this event might just be the understatement of the pandemic. Until about two ...
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KING KING – Queen’s Hall Edinburgh (Concert Review)

A Quick Introduction Scottish hard rock/blues band King King came home at the end of the first leg of the tour supporting ...
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THE METAL BYRDS – 4 (Album Review)

Full disclosure: I really, really like The Metal Byrds. When people ask me for an indie band who is making ...
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Stone Cold Crows - Original Sin Part I

STONE COLD CROWS – Original Sin Part I (Album Review)

The debut album Original Sin Part I by Stone Cold Crows checks so many boxes for me. In addition to ...
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CROMAGNUM – Born Free (EP Review)

Hello Everyone! Dr. Tardis here once again to introduce you to another Heavy Metal band! This time the band comes ...
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