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CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD – Neon Sunrise (Album Review)

Captain Black Beard Christian Ek – guitar/vocals Martin Holsner – lead vocals Robert Majd – bass/vocals Vinnie Stromberg – drums Daniel Krakowski – guitar Neon Sunrise 1. Flamenco 2. We’re The Forgiven 3. Physical 4. Moment Of Truth 5. Wasted Heart 6. Night Reaction 7. Chains Of Love 8. Burning Daylight 9. Break (Into Forever) 10. Invincible 11. State Of Denial 12. Neon Sunrise First […]

Age Of Fear – Storm Force (Album Review)

In early 2017, the mighty Judas Priest released the metal masterpiece “Firepower”. It immediately shot to the top of my top ten and remained there for the entire year. I have a strong feeling that “Age Of Fear” the new Storm Force album released January 25th on Escape Music is destined to achieve a similar […]


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