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SWEDEN ROCK 2022 – Kryfar and Aplogize4Nothing’s Thoughts (Blog Review)

Kryfar & Aplogize4Nothing’s Magical Bday Madness at Sweden Rock About a year ago Apologize4Nothing says “Hey Mom!  We should go to Sweden Rock Festival for our birthdays.”  I said, “Yes we should” and the ball started rolling.  360ish days later, we arrived in beautiful Solvesborg, Sweden to celebrate with about 40,000 other rock n’ roll […]

ANTHRAX 40th Anniversary Tour Wisconsin (Concert Review)

The Big 4, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax, on August 5th 2022 I was finally able to say I’ve seen them all live!  Took me long enough! The lineup was great.  Three amazing bands, Hatebreed, Black Label Society and Anthrax all playing in Oshkosh WI.  We got to the arena about an hour early to […]

BOBAFLEX – Returns to Madison WI (Concert Review)

Bobaflex Bobaflex loves Wisconsin and Wisconsin loves Bobaflex.  The massive turn out for their long-awaited reunion show at The World’s Largest Brat Fest in Madison WI is proof of that.  To steal a line from their epic song “Home” The Crowd was on Fire, but I’m sure they recognized many faces since it seemed like […]

CHAOS & CARNAGE 2022 Tour (Concert Review)

Chaos & Carnage 2022 Tour “People are liking Metal again and it’s fucking AMAZING!” Screamed Suicide Silence Vocalist, Eddie Hermida, from the stage. And he couldn’t be more right.  As we stood side by side without a centimetre between us and no fear of that virus that shall not be named, we all had one […]

ASH OF ASHES – Traces (Album Review)

ASH OF ASHES – Traces (Album Review)

The Band Ash of Ashes is an Epic Skaldic (Viking) Metal Band from Germany.  Formed in 2014, current label is Kalthallen Tonträger/Lichtpfade. Skaldir – vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass Morten – lyrics, vocals Stryx – drums Sethras – guitars *see track listing for guest artists The Album Ash Of Ashes “Traces”   Track Listing: “Beyond White […]

CELTIC HILLS – Huldufólk (Album Review)

The Band Celtic Hills is a power/melodic/thrash metal band from Italy.  Active since 2008, currently their label is Elevate Records. The Album Celtic Hills – Huldufólk Track Listing: “The Secret of the Grail” “Metal Message” “After the Earthquake” “Hidden Folk” “Green Forest” “Gate of Hollow Earth” “Living Out the Egg” “The Sound of Earth” The […]

RECKLESS – T.M.T.T.80 (Album Review)

The Band Reckless Hair Glam Metal Band from Vicenza Italy A.T. Rooster: Vocals Dany Rockett: Guitar Alex Jawbone: Guitar Jack Chevy: Bass Mikki Mixx: Drums The Album T.M.T.T.80 released on April 29, 2022, via Sneakout Records/Burning Minds Music Group “Take Me To The 80’s” “Countach” “Workout” “One Night Together” “Chic & Destroy” “Rock Hard (In […]


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