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CGCM REVIEWS (Album/Concert)

Electronomicon - The Age of Lies

ELECTRONOMICON – The Age of Lies (Album Review)

OK, we all know that the Necronomicon, the Book of the Dead, is a fictional grimoire known to summon the ...
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TOXIC ROSE – In For The Kill (Album Review)

Here we go!!! Here’s another great discovery for me! From the other side of the pond in Stockholm, Sweden comes ...
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GRINDER BLUES – El Dos (Album Review)

Grinder Blues is new to me; dUg Pinnick member of King's X is the maestro behind the band.  At the ...
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SAMI YAFFA – The Innermost Journey to Your Outermost Mind (Album Review)

Eeni Meeni Miney Mo To start off, and to my own ignorance, I have never listened to any music from ...
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EX DEO – The Thirteen Years Of Nero (Album Review)

History Brought To (Metal) Life The Thirteen Years Of Nero is the fourth album by Canadian death metal outfit Ex Deo ...
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WORMWOOD – Arkivet (Album Review)

A Little Band Information: For those unaware Wormwood are a Swedish band that specializes in a mixture of black metal, ...
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BLACKTOP MOJO – Blacktop Mojo (Album Review)

A Little Reminder Of The Band: Blacktop Mojo have just released their fourth and on this occasion self-titled album. The ...
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LESBIAN BED DEATH – The Witching Hour (Album Review)

I'm writing this review with just a touch of trepidation. While I absolutely loved everything about this album, I especially ...
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THE BEATLES – Abbey Road (Blog Review)

Sitting in my living room listening to Abbey Road on my new record player, I’m mesmerized by the sound quality ...
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