DAVID REECE – Baptized By Fire (Album Review)

DAVID REECE - Baptized By Fire (Album Review)The hardest-working man in Hard Rock is back again. This time he isn’t holding back. David ReeceBaptized By Fire delivers an album that will have his fans diving into the deep end of the Baptizmal fire.

Since the late 80s, David Reece has been a name to reckon with.  Since 2020 he has released or has been involved in over a dozen albums. David Reece proves to any nay-sayers that rock is alive and ready to kick your ass. So get ready, you’re about to be Baptized By Fire.


The understanding of the lyrics and songs of Baptized By Fire are that of this writer, and should not be mistaken for the possible truth and meanings from the horse’s mouth. Music and its lyrics are always subjective to each listener and the opinions are that of the writer’s interpretation.

As the album art first shows that this album is heavier, and more powerful than anything David has done before. He also has aligned himself with a new backing band from his new home in Italy. Available March 1st, from El Puerto Records, Riccardo Demarosi on bass, Giovanni Savinelli on drums, Nicolo Savinelli on guitars and of course David Reece on vocals deliver an album that gives the listener a real kick in the teeth.

Intro to the Madness

Lighting the flame of Baptized By Fire is, “Enemy Is Me”  A hard-hitting tune that has a slamming opening riff on the drums followed by a driving guitar sound. The lyrics from “Enemy Is Me” are our first dive into the subject matter of the brainwashing that the world powers are putting into our heads like a disease through the media, and how a little self-reflection might make one realize that we are also not just the solution, but are also a huge part of the problem. 

Following is this writer’s favourite track, “We’ve Lost the Fight”. A track that (again to this writer’s ears) is about the loss of common sense in today’s world and is perfectly written with a great hook and guitar swing to kick it all off. The lyrics state, “I’m losing faith in all humanity, enslaving one person at a time”. The message might be nothing but great lyric writing (which it is), but one wonders what the writer was thinking while creating this album.

“Wrong Move” has David singing in a different octave which only helps drive the song along to the warning that it sends about how we all have to be careful not to make the “Wrong Move”.

If you haven’t gotten caught up in the album’s theme yet, the next song should help out quite a bit. “Payback’s A Bitch” is a killer track with some absolute slamming riffs and angry vocals. The title of this track summarises exactly what the song is about. The lyric “Because the fan has hit the shit” might be a fun play on words but I don’t think I’d want to piss off the guys in the band writing this track.

Familiar Title, Different Song

The next track is “No Rest For The Wicked”, but let us not confuse it for the Ozzy Osbourne album by the same name. This isn’t anything like The Prince Of Darkness has ever done or written. David and his crew put together a hard-edged, heavy tune with a blistering solo to keep you straining your neck as you pound along with this track.

“Twilight Of The Gods” starts with almost a bluesy vibe that changes its tempo about 45 seconds in and soon it’s another beast again that takes the listener up and down within its tempo change-ups, making it a truly hidden gem.

Man, God, and Anarchy

“Seasons Of A Man”, “Closer To God”, and “Archbishop Of Anarchy” take us into the second half of Baptized By Fire. “Seasons Of A Man” kicks off with a guitar riff that leads into a drum beat that just charges the listener right into the lyrics that feel angry and pissed off which only adds to the appeal of the song and album as a whole.

David Reece BandSlide guitar and a slower beat bring us “Closer To God”. Once more David sings in a lower voice to deliver another killer song. No, it is not a ballad by any means but just heavy in its tone and attitude.

The “Archbishop of Anarchy” joins the Baptismal now and this is probably the more “Reece” like track in its voice and content. Does it fit the album? You bet it does. The song is still very heavy with a great guitar solo 2 ½ minutes in. Anarchy, Immorality, Depravity, and Dishonesty are just a few things mentioned in this one. So yes…it fits for sure.

The Final Quarter

Finishing off the last quarter of Baptized By Fire is probably the slowest-paced song on the album, “My Heart Burns”. It doesn’t qualify as a ballad, but the harmonies and the vibe is that of a remorseful story. Does this mean that the haters of the “Ballad” should skip this one? Absolutely not!

“Acceptance Of Denial” is another that will remind you of that classic Reece style that we fans are familiar with. Great writing, musicianship and vocals will guide you through this song. and the solo will have you playing the air guitar right along with each note.

Finishing off Baptized By Fire is “Tomorrow Don’t Matter Today”. An anthemic, and driving song that finalizes a message that this writer has been hearing throughout most of the album. It’s almost saying to not give up. Today we can make changes for a better tomorrow.

The last song can give the listener a glimmer of hope that tomorrow hasn’t arrived today, and to focus on what one can do to make the world a better place today.

Psychotic Thoughts

Did this writer possibly read too much into the latest album from David Reece?  Maybe. However, it can be said that many writers take from current events, and it is quite possible that David Reece may be telling his fans that yes, at times this world can be harsh, or just plain suck. However, it is up to us, his fans around this small world to try to make it a better place, to live, laugh, and love, and to also just enjoy life, and raise a fist to Rock and Roll. Because it’s not always just about Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll…Sometimes it’s also about current events and the world we live in.

Let’s all work together to make it better!

Keep on Rocking all!  Peace!


  1. Enemy Is Me
  2. We’ve Lost The Fight
  3. Wrong Move
  4. Payback’s A Bitch
  5. No Rest For The Wicked
  6. Twilight Of The Gods
  7. Seasons Of A Man
  8. Closer To God
  9. Archbishop Of Anarchy
  10. My Heart Burns
  11. Acceptance Of Denial
  12. Tomorrow Don’t Matter Today

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