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KISSIN’ DYNAMITE – Not The End Of The Road – (Album Review)

Band Background: Kissin’ Dynamite are a German band from Hanover who formed back in 2007 with their first release in 2008. Since then the band have released another 5 albums up to Ecstasy in 2018. Since then they have toured around the world it seems as a support to Powerwolf, absolutely impressing folks constantly. This reviewer […]

OUT OF THIS WORLD – Out Of This World (Album Review)

Background: Out Of This World is the name of a “new” band featuring ex-Europe man Kee Marcello who appeared on 2 of their albums including one called Out Of This World. The reason I have put quotation marks around the word “new” is because also in the band are Tommy Heart (vocals, Fair Warning) and […]

BEST OF 2021 – TOM CORNELL (Writer/Contributor)

Before I start my top 10 and opening chat I want to make readers aware that you can find the Collective List, as well as all our Best of 2021 content including contributors’ individual lists, podcasts and radio DJ, shows here: CGCM’s Best of 2021 (Year in Review). BEST OF 2021 Tom Cornell 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (Writer) Well, […]

DVNE: Interview With Victor Vicart (La Belle Angele 11/12/21)

On a cold damp Saturday night, Edinburgh band Dvne played a special one-off gig in their hometown (review link at bottom of page). Beforehand guitarist and vocalist Victor Vicart kindly gave up some time to answer questions for CGCM. The interview was conducted in a hallway whilst the soundcheck was going on from the main support […]

DVNE Live In Edinburgh La Belle Angele December 11 (Concert Review)

Edinburgh-based band Dvne released a fabulous album earlier this year called Etemen Aenka and have like other bands been absolutely desperate to play some of it live. They decided to open up their touring schedule again by playing a special one-off show in their hometown, inviting 2 other bands they know to come along and make […]

BROWN ACID – The Thirteenth Trip – Various Artists (Album Review)

Introduction And Background: Brown Acid are releasing their thirteenth album in the “Acid Trip” series. To give some background to those unaware, the good folks at Permanent and Riding Easy Records have been hunting around finding lost gems from the late 60s and early 70s in particular. Acid rock (of course) along with bluesy rock and […]

KING KING – Queen’s Hall Edinburgh (Concert Review)

A Quick Introduction Scottish hard rock/blues band King King came home at the end of the first leg of the tour supporting their latest album Maverick playing The Queen’s Hall, a reformed old church that has been a music venue late 1970s and early 80s. The band had played 6 shows already on the run over 9 days […]

ROBERT JON AND THE WRECK – Return To UK 2022 (Tour News)

Robert Jon And The Wreck are returning to the UK for 12 shows in May 2022. The band have just recently completed a series of dates in the UK selling out 5 of their shows in London, Manchester, Nottingham, Edinburgh and Sittingbourne. The band are comprised of Robert Jon Burrison (lead vocals, guitar), Andrew Espantman […]

KING KING – Long Awaited UK Tour Starts October 15 (And More) (Gig News)

King King Background Scottish blues rockers King King are about to start their long-awaited tour that was pushed back due to Covid19. There will be two legs of the tour, the first part starting this month (October 15 at Leeds University Union) and a second in 2022 during February. The band who are fronted by singer-guitarist Alan […]