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SPELLBOOK – Deadly Charms (Album Review)

Metal That Remembers To Swing Spellbook release their second album Deadly Charms on 23 September on Cruz Del Sur  Music. The band are obviously massive fans of 70s Black Sabbath and unlike many bands that also are, these guys noticed that in Bill Ward, early Sabbath had swing and groove. Yes, they have riffs, guitar solos, etc but they capture the […]

TOEHIDER – I Have Little To No Memory Of These Memories (Album Review)

All The History You Need: We live in a world with Tik-Tok, something which can play excerpts of music for 45 or 46 seconds, perhaps the attention span of many folks these days. With that in mind, we come to this album, the wonderfully titled I Have Little To No Memory Of These Memories which is […]

L.A. MAYBE – Call Of The Wild Festival (Interview)

Introduction: The L.A. Maybe were making their first visit to the UK and despite all sorts of issues outside of the band’s control (more on that later) they still made it to the festival to play a blinding 45-minute set on the Sunday at tea time. I was lucky enough to sit down with the […]

CALL OF THE WILD – Saturday Review (Festival Review)

Call Of The Wild Festival 2022 CGCM Rock Radio has just experienced The Call Of The Wild Festival in Lincolnshire, UK. Two delegates, Scotsman Tom Cornell and Canadian Rich “The Meister” Dillon continue their coverage of the event here with this dually written account of Saturday, May 21. More coverage will follow including daily accounts, […]

TOM KILLNER BAND – Call Of The Wild Festival (Interview)

Introduction: After a brilliant set early on Saturday at Call Of The Wild Festival lead singer and guitarist Tom Killner walked along with me to the press area to sit down and have a chat. It took a little time to get there as plenty of folks wanted to chat with him, letting him know how much […]

ARCHY AND THE ASTRONAUTS – Call of the Wild 2022 (Interview)

An Interview That Came Out Of Nowhere! Whilst up in the media area I was asked if I could do an interview with a young band who were due to play Call Of The Wild. When I heard the name Archy And The Astronauts I was very confused as I didn’t recognise the name from the lineup […]

MASSIVE WAGONS – Call Of The Wild Festival (Interview)

Introduction: Before their impressive headline performance on the Friday night of Call Of The Wild Festival two of the Massive Wagons gave up some of their day to chat with me on behalf of CGCM. Both Baz and Adam (singer and lead guitarist) were very kind and chatted about all sorts including the band’s history, their love of Quo as well as Rush (yes […]


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