My name is Eric Lussier!

I pretty much lived 4 different provinces growing up! But Montreal, Quebec, Canada is my love! I’m a huge music lover. Ever since I heard Kiss and Cheap Trick as a kid I grew up loving Rock Music! I expanded my music library thanks to Columbia House!

I have an infinite passion for music specifically Hard Rock Heavy Metal! Yes at one point in the mid-90s I stopped listening to the hard stuff and mellowed out. But in 2002 I went to the movies to watch Vin Diesel play the role of Xander Cage in the movie XXX. In the movie, there’s a scene where there is this James Bond-type character is running away from the bad guys. At one point he goes into a theatre where there’s an Industrial Metal Band playing heavy riffs with flame throwers attached to their mouths aiming the flames over their heads. That band was Rammstein and from that very day, I was back into The Hard Rock Heavy Metal Scene!

Forward to 2017/2018 I started to listen to The Decibel Geek Podcast. A show hosted by Chris and Aaron with their friend Ron! After a few years of listening to them, Ron told me about a Canadian version of The Decibel Geek called CGCM Podcast and Rock Radio! hosted by Rich and Wally. I started as an album and concert reviewer in 2021. In January of 2023 I started to do a radio show with Bob Bannister called Train Wreck. But, after attending Rock N Pod 2023, I decided to do my own show! The French Connection!  I Still do The Train Wreck and added another show that I do with my buddy rocker and musician Danny Rossi called The Italian Poutine Show! This show comes on once in a while when we both have time to do one!

I hope you to have your ears glued to CGCM Rock Radio!