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STONE COLD CROWS – Original Sin Part I (Album Review)

Stone Cold Crows - Original Sin Part I

The debut album Original Sin Part I by Stone Cold Crows checks so many boxes for me. In addition to their riff-heavy approach, the Stone Cold Crows mix in orchestration, creating what’s essentially a score to their dystopian vision. It’s a concept album, and I believe the gist is a Mafia-like organization is subjugating a […]

CROMAGNUM – Born Free (EP Review)

Hello Everyone! Dr. Tardis here once again to introduce you to another Heavy Metal band! This time the band comes from Montreal, Canada. CroMagnum! They released their second E.P called Born Free! With Max Rex delivering his powerful guitar riffs and his vocal style, delivering a strong statement about the world we live in today. […]

ELECTRONOMICON – The Age of Lies (Album Review)

Electronomicon - The Age of Lies

OK, we all know that the Necronomicon, the Book of the Dead, is a fictional grimoire known to summon the Evil Dead and occasionally bites hands. So, will listening to Electronomicon summon some electronic evil to haunt the world? Well, I’m still here and haven’t turned into some techno monster. No, Electronomicon invokes electric guitar-fueled […]

WARRIOR ANGEL – Griffin 1.29, Chapter 2 (Album Review)

Warrior Angel Chapter 2 Front

Is Warrior Angel still unknown to you? Well, no worries I and the CGCM have you covered!  Welcome to Warrior Angel, and the journey of one man’s pain, loss, and sorrow. Blend that with some great music, and you have a great album, that you won’t want to miss out on. This is Warrior Angel […]

SAMI YAFFA – The Innermost Journey to Your Outermost Mind (Album Review)

Eeni Meeni Miney Mo To start off, and to my own ignorance, I have never listened to any music from the New York Dolls. Nor did I have even listened to the Michael Monroe Band.  I played eeni meeni miney mo on a list of bands and my finger landed on Sami Yaffa. This review […]

EX DEO – The Thirteen Years Of Nero (Album Review)

History Brought To (Metal) Life The Thirteen Years Of Nero is the fourth album by Canadian death metal outfit Ex Deo which is a side project started up by Maurizio Iacono from the band Kataklysm to explore the history of the Roman empire. The band at the moment also features Jean-Francois Dagenais (guitars and production also from […]