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BAD BUTLER – Badtime Stories (Album Review)

Bad Butler proudly carry on the legacy of outstanding German metal. With Badtime Stories, the quartet from Saarbrücken crush your ears under the weight of pure metal. With influences across the spectrum from traditional metal to power metal, and from Judas Priest to Manowar, if Bad Butler‘s latest doesn’t get your  “Hornz Up” I’m not […]

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE – Not The End Of The Road – (Album Review)

Band Background: Kissin’ Dynamite are a German band from Hanover who formed back in 2007 with their first release in 2008. Since then the band have released another 5 albums up to Ecstasy in 2018. Since then they have toured around the world it seems as a support to Powerwolf, absolutely impressing folks constantly. This reviewer […]

OUT OF THIS WORLD – Out Of This World (Album Review)

Background: Out Of This World is the name of a “new” band featuring ex-Europe man Kee Marcello who appeared on 2 of their albums including one called Out Of This World. The reason I have put quotation marks around the word “new” is because also in the band are Tommy Heart (vocals, Fair Warning) and […]

KLASSIK 78 – Phantoms (Album Review)

Klassik 78 Phantoms Album Cover

Klassik 78 – Phantoms Phantoms, ghosts, spectors, whatever you want to call them, this is a past one can get into. Before this begins let’s just talk KISS for a second. The heyday is over. That is a fact. Will there be a KISS 2.0? Maybe, but after hearing Klassik 78, one can think there […]

FELSKINN – Enter the Light (Album Review)

Felskinn are: Andy Portmann on Vocals Beat Schaub on Base Martin Rauber on Lead Guitar Tom Graber on Rhythm Guitar Ronnie Wolf on Drums Coming out of Lucerne Switzerland Felskinn comes out rocking hard of the 2022 gate. Formed in 2005, Felskinn has been rockin their way through the European circuit.  As for me, they […]

DAVID MINASIAN – Random Dreams: The Very Best Of (Album Review)

A Brief History Of David Minasian: David Minasian has a strange but interesting back story in that he originally started classical piano at the age of 5 but by 15 had decided he wanted to work on films and documentaries. He did, however, in his work do soundtrack composing as well which probably explains the sort […]

SEVEN SISTERS – Shadow of a Fallen Star Part 1 (Album Review)

Return Whilst the guys of Seven Sisters haven’t exactly been quiet since the release of the fabulous The Cauldron and the Cross this new album is their first full-length effort of new material since 2018. To say the anticipation was palpable prior to the release of Shadow of a Fallen Star Part 1 would be […]

Lÿnx – Long Live Rock and Roll (Album Review)

Hailing from Calgary, Canada Lÿnx are pure, unadulterated good-time glam metal. They take their name from the Canadian lynx, a specialist predator that evolved to be the bane of the snowshoe hare. Like their namesake, the band Lÿnx specializes at one thing: playing loud, fast, and fun rock and roll. The album Long Live Rock […]