MEISTER MUSIC (Fridays at 8pm EST)

MEISTER MUSIC (Fridays at 8pm EST)

Hosted by Rich “The Meister” Dillon. This 2hr program features the Canadian CGCM co-founder spinning tunes from his personal collection of currently more than 10,000 albums. Known as a lover of high energy thumpers and a hater of ballads and slower fare, this is just what you need to put the jolt in your Friday night party! However, he seems to sometimes travel some weird paths with some of his cover songs! Guaranteed you’ll discover new bands you love, thanks to The Meister!

Of course, check out all his written album reviews at our website ( and hear him with co-host Wallygator on the CGCM Podcast!


The Meister

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Originally broadcast on CGCM Radio Fridays at 4pm EST (Repeats – Sundays at noon EST and Tuesdays at 4am EST)

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*The Meister‘s personal tribute to friend and CGCM colleague Adam Cox who we lost far too early. First broadcast on October 09, 2020.

*Join the Meister for a drink in this show featuring drinking themed songs!

*Chris Thompson joins Meister this week in an attempt to broaden his horizons by introducing him to some great 90s era bands he may have missed

*show 12 featuring messages from a few of Meister‘s worldwide friends (Tony Garcia, John Lewis, Mikael Svensson, Helena Tardin-Meister, Mikael Norstedt, Wes Vriend, James Taylor, Geert Fieuw, Rowie Riot, Ivar Onsrud, Anders Mars, Andy Lafon, Michelle Langjahr, Thomas & Evelyne Baumgartner)

*all music in show #8 (July 24, 2020) derived from band suggestions by Evelyne Baumgartner