TIME TO ROCK 2024 – Menu and Pricing (Festival News)

TIME TO ROCK 2024 - Menu and Pricing (Festival News)From the Time To Rock Festival Facebook Page (February 5, 2024):

Food & Drink is an important and large part of the economy at many events, both for those who sell and those who buy, as well as for festivals of course. The beverage income is an important component to getting a smaller festival, like ours, to go around. However, we think that we see a development where it is starting to become a little expensive to quench thirst and quench hunger between the guitar riff and the drum solos at festivals and other events in Sweden. Therefore, we will come to Time To Rock Festival 2024, to offer a food and drink menu with prices that we hope you find feel humane (although we have not seen ourselves as very expensive before either). We have set the prices that we ourselves would consider OK if we were at a festival.

We will have at least our own food truck, where we serve, among other things, Apple Pork in pita bread or with mash, and there a good meal will not cost over SEK 95.\n We will also be selling hot dogs with bread and hot dogs with mash. We strive to be a festival where you should feel good, avoid queues and crowds, get to listen to good music, be able to park for free, camp cheaply and also feel that food & drinks hold reasonable prices. We have also gone through the range of our external food vendors for 2024, so that there will be a wider range of food. We also make sure that there are more vegetarian & vegan options. We also take the discussion with all food vendors about how we view pricing, as we and many in the audience thought last year’s prices were too high. However, we cannot influence the pricing of food vendors, just give our view of the matter and that we ourselves keep good prices on our own food and drink.

Something that is also very new and fun for 2024 is that we have got a new beverage supplier in the form of the legendary Carlsberg. We come with this, to be able to offer a wider selection of beer and other beverages. Bl.a. it will be Falcon Export, Tuborg Classic and Staropramen on tap in all main bars and you will also be able to choose between a lot of other canned beers in our two main bars. We will be back with more information on the final selection of canned beer, but trust that there will be something for everyone. The cider will come from the awesome Somersby!

We will also be expanding our non-alcoholic range at the festival and the range in our VIP bar will also be significantly larger than before.

In addition to the two large main bars and the VIP bar, we will have a very special Brooklyn bar in the area where ice-cold beer will be served on tap in a lot of different varieties.

In our main bars, we will also be selling roast beef with potato salad and red sausages!

2 red sausages with bread – 69 SEK
Roast steak with potato salad – 95 kr
Snacks: 30 kr

Beer on tap Falcon Export 40cl – 59 kr
Beer on tap Tuborg Classic 40cl – 69 SEK
Beer on tap Staropramen 40cl – 69 SEK
Beer in a can 33 cl – 59 kr
Beer in a can non-alcoholic 33 cl – 39 kr
Somersby Cider in a can 33 cl – 59 kr
Soft drinks / water 50 cl – 25 SEK
Cava 18,5 cl – 69 kr
Wine red/white/rosé 18,5 cl – 69 kr

Apple pork in pita bread / mash – 95 SEK
Grilled Time To Rock sausage with bread – 29 SEK
Grilled Time To Rock / Mackmyra sausage with bread – 39 SEK
Grilled Time To Rock sausage with mash – 59 kr
Grilled Time To Rock / Mackmyra sausage with mash 69 SEK

We hope you feel that “this is completely OK”
Welcome to Sweden’s most cozy festival this summer!



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