TIME TO ROCK – Bandbooker Contest Winner (News)

TIME TO ROCK - Bandbooker Contest Winner (News)The two bands that received the most votes in Rocknytt’s competition have already been released. To draw out the third winner who may come and play with us, we use another winner, namely Jonas Jägerby, who won the festival’s competition “Become a Bandbooker for a Day“. Jonas has been allowed to choose any band that ended up in place 3-10 in Rocknytt’s competition. Jonas Jägerby is the best way to go to Caregah.

So who are the Caregah then? Well, Caregah is a band from the finest hard rock country, ie Blekinge. The gang plays a mix of hard rock, groove-metal and doom metal, or as you can say in a little more wild Swedish, heavy and swinging music. The band was formed in 2019 and, in addition to a bunch of singles and an EP, has managed to release the full-length Osmium. It was released as late as last year. We say big CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to us in Knislinge to Dogge, Fille, Patte and Marcus who play on Monday, July 8th!

Here is Jonah‘s decision:
Talk about it being a sweaty decision. Because I have a wide taste in music across many genres and styles, it became almost impossible as most bands do it really well! I had to close my eyes, listen through them one last time and go for that band that tickled my hard rock nerve a little extra. The band that succeeded in it is a band that, with heart and feeling for their music, really delivers both mouth-watering and warm hugs at the same time. Worn, dirty, heavy, tight and well-played. Looking forward to seeing you this summer!



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