HARDCORE SUPERSTAR – Time To Rock 2024 (Festival News)

HARDCORE SUPERSTAR - Time To Rock 2024 (Festival News)Swedish rock heroes Hardcore Superstar confirmed!

It’s been a few years since the last time, so we thought it was about time again for this bunch of real rock stars! Hardcore Superstar was formed in 1997. Since the beginning, the Gothenburg band’s permanent members have been singer Joakim Berg and bassist Martin Sandvik. Next year, MagnusAddeAndreasson celebrates 25 years on the drum stand, and already this year, guitarist Vic Zino, has his 15th anniversary in the band. Between 1998 and 2003 Hardcore Superstar released four records.

In 2005, the band did a Metallica and released their self-titled and, coincidentally(?), black record. As a result, the band’s popularity among Sweden’s rock fans increased. Since the album contains songs like “Kick On the Upper Class“, “Wild Boys“, “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” and “My Good Reputation“, you can understand why. The eleventh full-length was named You Can’t Kill My Rock N’ Roll and came out in 2018, and the following year the gang visited the Helgeåfestivalen (*Time To Rock‘s original name) for the third time.

In 2022, the latest album came out, entitled Abrakadabra and now it’s time again, this time on Time To Rock. And of course it’s time to rock when you hear good songs like “Dreamin’ in A Casket“, “Last Call For Alcohol“, and “Don’t Mean Shit“, or why not any of the above-mentioned masterpieces. We are proud to have the band back with us in Knislinge!

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