TIME TO ROCK 2024 – Three More Bands (Festival News)

TIME TO ROCK 2024 - Three More Bands (Festival News)We are slowly but surely approaching a full line-up and today we can present three more acts that are ready for Time To Rock Festival 5-8 July 2024.

For 40 years, DORO has worked to cement herself as Germany’s, and probably the world’s, hard rock queen #1. Doro started her musical career at home in Germany in smaller bands like Snakebite and Beast before she started singing in Warlock. Warlock released four records in the 80s, from Burning the Witches (1984) to Triumph and Agony (1989). This summer she will join us at Time To Rock and we think that is great. A real stage show is also promised!

We can also proudly present the JEAN BEAUVOIR rock world’s perhaps most famous mohawk. The career began in the punk band PLASMATICS and, in addition to his solo career under his own name, he has also had bands such as VOODOO X and CROWN OF THORNS on his conscience. He has also worked as a songwriter, musician and producer for artists such as KISS, LITTLE STEVEN, RAMONES and many, many more. So there is a seasoned gentleman coming to Time To Rock this summer and he is known as a real entertainer on stage and it will scream 80’s about this gig which we are looking forward to.

A little symphonic power metal from Austria can’t hurt,” we thought and booked VISIONS OF ATLANTIS. The band was formed in 2000 and since the debut Eternal Endless Infinity (2002) has released a total of eight studio albums, the latest of which is called Pirates (2022). The band is fronted by the fantastic singer and stage personality Clémentine Delauney. She alone is worth the entire ticket price!

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