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ELEINE Live in North America 2023

I discovered Eleine back in 2016 while going through the Sweden Rock Festival website.  I wanted to experience some of the bands that were unknown to me while at my first Sweden Rock. I fell in love with Sweden Rock and have gone every year except of course those 2 years COVID robbed us of […]

CALL OF THE WILD – Friday Review (Festival Review)

Call Of The Wild Festival 2022 CGCM Rock Radio has just experienced The Call Of The Wild Festival in Lincolnshire, UK. Two delegates, Scotsman Tom Cornell and Canadian Rich “The Meister” Dillon continue their coverage of the event here with this dually written account of Friday, May 20. More coverage will follow including daily accounts, […]

SWEDEN ROCK 2020 – The Complete Coverage

CGCM Podcast is preparing for its return to SWEDEN ROCK in 2020. While the team focusses representation on their own CGCM Podcast/Website, coverage will also still appear on their former website, Decibel Geek. The 2020 CGCM Sweden Rock Trio: Rich “The Meister” Dillon is all set for his eighth return engagement to SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL […]

BLIND CROSS – Merciless Time (Album Review)

Time to tell you once again about some new, upcoming Power Metal! Like I’ve said before in one of my reviews, I’m picky about my metal. This one falls into that rare category that I actually really like it! The unique voice, effective riffs, and the out of this world playing is worth the time […]

BONFIRE – Live On Holy Ground – Wacken 2018

Unlike CGCM Podcast‘s The Meister this Psycho cannot travel worldwide to take in concerts. The lack of funds, family responsibilities and the simple fact of no passport doesn’t help. So with that in mind, the closest I can get is DVDs, YouTube and live albums. I’m not always big on live albums, however. Yes, I […]

BULLET – A Sweden Rock Festival Anticipation Blog (Festival Blog)

Who knows where I crossed paths with Bullet. The internet can be a wondrous place of musical discovery sometimes. Quickly collecting the catalog at the time, I voraciously devoured the oft compared to AC/DC-like outputs. Pre-ordering and waiting for delivery of Full Pull, Bullet‘s 2012 release. There’s nothing like getting one of those packages in […]

MICHAEL MORROW & THE CULPRITS – Raucous (Album Review)

Personally, I’m always a little hesitant when a friend asks me to review an album. Be it their own band or another, it’s obvious that they think I will enjoy it. But what if I don’t? None the less, when Decibel Geek‘s YouTube guru, “Rockin’ Ron” Runyon, asked me to do a review for Michael […]

SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 – The Full Coverage (Festival Report)

SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 – The Full Coverage (Festival Report)

And so, welcome one and all. Ladies gentlemen boys and girls to the absolute greatest music event on land the world over. We proudly present theDecibel Geek coverage of the Sweden Rock Festival 2017. The Sweden Rock Festival takes place in a sleepy hamlet in south Sweden. Beginning back in 1991, 2016 was a landmark year marking the 25th […]

CGCM PODCAST Release Premiere Episode (News)

CGCM PODCAST Release Premiere Episode (News)

The CGCM PODCAST released the premiere episode on Monday, April 10, 2017. You can listen in via Soundcloud and of course like, share and follow on Facebook. So, who are the CGCM PODCAST and why April 10 for the show’s launch? Find out in their press release below. Long time Decibel Geek contributors/staff writers/editors/occasional Podcast […]

REBEL MACHINE – Nothing Happens Overnight (Album Review)

REBEL MACHINE – Nothing Happens Overnight (Album Review)

The Meister has discovered Rebel Machine! No, he hasn’t just been on a Star Wars binge of late…although that wouldn’t be a bad thing either! Brasilian band Rebel Machine reached out to the Decibel Geek editor and submitted their album for review recently. Here are The Meister‘s thoughts concerning Rebel Machine and the Nothing Happens Overnight […]