Time to tell you once again about some new, upcoming Power Metal! Like I’ve said before in one of my reviews, I’m picky about my metal. This one falls into that rare category that I actually really like it! The unique voice, effective riffs, and the out of this world playing is worth the time for me to definitely want to tell you more about Blind CrossMerciless Time, out July 5th on Pure Steel Records!

About Blind Cross

Many fans of the genre, might already know the vocalist of Blind Cross, Juan Ricardo. He also sings on two other Pure Steel Record projects, Sunless Sky, and Wretch. He now adds a third to his repertoire with Blind CrossMerciless Time. Even the guitarist might be known to some as well! Rocco Stellmacher from Gorgon Eyes, and ex-Mind Odyssey. He also produced as well as provided the composition for the album.  To round out the band is Andy Korte and Matias Horold, from Double Action.

Merciless Time is a genuinely powerful heavy metal album with catchy hooks, riffs, and also has a very hard rock influence throughout. I was just saying to Rich “The Meister” Dillon the other day, that something needs to come out that is “Fresh” and “New”. Well, folks, this is it!

Psycho Thoughts

As I’ve just stated, if you’re finding the many albums that are coming out are starting to all sound the same, and almost a generic format, then you have to check out Merciless Time. The unique vocal stylings, the masterful riffs are absolutely worth it! Go out and pick this one up, on July 5th at whatever place you grab your music from. All I gotta say is this…Thank you Blind Cross for putting out something refreshing! You kept this listener engaged all the way to the end!


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  1. The Hammer And The Nail
  2. Doublecross
  3. Blind Nation
  4. Her Invisible Friend
  5. Rise Or Fall
  6. Bioluminosity
  7. The Leviathan
  8. Tear It Down
  9. Infrared
  10. Martial Law
  11. The Yetis Call
  12. Sledgehammer