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WILDFEST Belgium Initial Lineup Reveal (Festival News)

Wildfest Belgium Initial Lineup Reveal The first blast of bands for the 2023 edition of Wildfest Festival in Gerraardsbergen Belgium has been unveiled! And it’s a hot one! Ticket sales will start in a couple of weeks, together with the announcement of more exciting names! OFFICIAL WILDFEST WEBSITE / FACEBOOK / FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE First […]

TYGERS OF PAN TANG at Headbangers Open Air 2022 (Blog Review)

Being a fan of the NWOBHM movement, I am of course familiar with Tygers of Pan Tang and their music. Unfortunately, however, I didn’t start getting into NWOBHM until much later along my Rock and Roll journey. It was such fun to discover the back catalogue once Tygers had come into my crosshairs. And I […]

COBRA SPELL at Headbangers Open Air 2022 (Blog Review)

Hey kids, Rich “The Meister” Dillon here with this little blog review regarding Cobra Spell and their performance during the Warm-Up Party for Headbangers Open Air 2022. I must say overall that there were a few bands at Headbangers Open Air that I would see for the first time here. These bands were highly anticipated. […]

HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR 2022 (Pre-fest Blog/Show)

Headbangers Open Air Festival I, Rich “The Meister” Dillon, CGCM‘s intrepid traveller am off to another European festival. This time it’s Headbangers Open Air in Germany! Catch my live-to-air radio show with video and interactive chatroom via the MixCloud platform on Friday, July 15, 2022, starting at 6pm EST. I’ll have a segment featuring some […]

CALL OF THE WILD Livestreaming Video Music Shows

Are you wishing that you could experience a wicked music festival? Have you seen the roster of bands for the 2022 edition of the UK’s Call of the Wild Festival? Perhaps you are getting ready to attend Call of the Wild Festival? Well, no matter which side of the fence you find yourself on here, […]

RE-MACHINED – Brain Dead (Album Review)

So back in 2020, I checked out an album called Wheels of Time from the band Re-Machined. I was pleasantly surprised with the solid balls-out hard rock. TBH, given more spins, this probably would have placed in my Top Ten of the year list that year. The group in question hails from Hessia, Germany. Their […]


RokIsland Festival Key West 2022. For 2 years now, I have been robbed of the ability to do what I love. Travel from Toronto Canada to festivals and events around the world. I have tickets upon tickets to things, all getting rolled over another year, each time bringing crushing disappointment. I was able to get […]

BEST OF 2021 – THE MEISTER (Radio DJ/Writer/Contributor)

You can find the Collective List as well as all our Best of 2021 content including contributors’ individual lists, podcasts and radio DJ shows here: CGCM’s Best of 2021 (Year in Review) BEST OF 2021 VON MAESTRO 🇨🇦 (Radio DJ/Writer/Contributor) I love the end-of-year Top Ten. I also hate the end-of-year Top Ten…lol. It’s always such a difficult task, daunting […]


To say that I was over-excited about this event might just be the understatement of the pandemic. Until about two weeks before, when I caught a show featuring Ottawa area local bands, I’d not experienced live music since March 2020. Might not seem that long ago to some, but for a guy that was at […]

CGCM Podcast EP#135 – CGCM Rock Radio Turns One

Happy Birthday

It’s party time here at CGCM Radio! It was a little over a year ago when the Meister called Wallygator on the phone. This in of itself spoke volumes because the Meister hates talking on the phone! During this conversation, Meister suggested the idea of turning CGCM into an actual radio station. Wallygator responded with […]


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