Fox and Chicken

Sunflower Fox and The Chicken Leg has got to be one of the craziest names I’ve come across, but fortunately that is not the main talking point of this tremendous new record.

Borne out of the shitstorm that was Covid-19 when musicians could not work, lead singer Kaity Heart asked her best bud James Gross if he fancied recruiting some top musicians to form a new band.

No sooner said than done a six-piece of masters of their craft was created. Sunflower Fox and The Chicken Leg is Kaity Heart, vocals, James Gross, guitar, Mike Schmidt, guitar, Craig Holets, bass, Kyle Primus, drums, and Al Berg, keys.

Their life’s mission is to record and perform hard-rocking tunes in the style of the huge arena bands of the US in the 1970s. They want to bring back the joy, pomposity and ridiculousness of the era, and do this through top-quality musicianship.

Also, the band records live in the studio as a band. A rare beast indeed. With that you get the rawness and imperfections that often make the best sounds and somehow make the contact with the listener tighter and more personal.

Kaity Heart has a truly amazing voice and is up there with the very best. Seriously, Ms Heart has got it all. The power to knock your socks off, the delicacy of exquisite lace, and no shortage of sexiness. Check out “Naughty Little Girl”, it’s a full house.

If that isn’t enough, the rest of the band are her equal. The guitars are fabulous with great, extended, beautiful solos at every turn. Keyboardist Al Berg also does a lot of the heavy lifting, driving the songs along a la Jon Lord. He also has time in the limelight that makes a lovely change from guitar solos. Opener “Gypsy Queen” is a fine example of that.


If you love Heart (mid-70s era) then you’ll wet yourself with Sunflower Fox and The Chicken Leg. This album has everything. Straight up 70s rock, a hint of sleaze on “Dirty Little Girl” and the tender closer “Take Me Back”. The thread running through this record is superb songwriting and excellent musicianship.

This has been my absolute highlight this year and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

One point to note is that Gypsy Queen came out in February 2024 and a self-titled album is due on April 19, 2024. This, as far as I can tell, has all the same tracks as Gypsy Queen plus an additional track. 

Anyway, buy either record and help Sunflower Fox and The Chicken Leg bring back the joy and take over the world while they’re at it.

As for the name? You’ll have to ask them yourselves, I haven’t got a clue.



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