ACE FREHLEY – 10 000 Volts (Album Review)

Ace Frehley - 10000 Volts album art
Ace Frehley – 10000 Volts Front album art

10,000 Volts

Ace Frehley is back with yet another solo release that for some reason he once again claims it to be something that will embarrass his former bandmates in KISS. 10,000 Volts is available now wherever you get your music from these days whether it be vinyl, CD or digital. This would be Ace‘s 7th release since going strictly under the moniker of just Ace Frehley. To all his fans it’s a must-have, this writer included, but is it a classic? I guess time will tell. All this writer knows is that at the age of 72 years old, and with his past history of drugs and alcohol we should just be thankful that he is still with us and can put out a decent caliber album such as 10,000 Volts.


With Ace, you get what you get…Usually.  Yes, his albums seemingly have a format. You always get a cover track, and usually, they end with an instrumental, and they all have to have a spacey theme to them. 10,000 Volts doesn’t stray from that format at all. I can say however that he is staying away from the ideas of being high and/or drunk in some themes. This go around it is more of a love letter to his current lady.  Enlisting the help this time from Trixter guitarist Steve Brown, who also helped co-write most of the songs. This doesn’t take away from the usual space themes within the lyrics either.

The Drama

This writer doesn’t understand the constant barbs between Ace and his former band KISS. It’s over Ace, move on. You have nothing to prove anymore. You are and have continued to be successful in your own right. The fact that Ace is the the last man standing (at this point) is something most fans wouldn’t have seen coming with the retirement of former bandmate Peter Criss, and recently the retirement (kind of) of KISS bandmates Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

You have won Ace, just keep doing what you love, and give the fans what they want and that’s your music.

The Album

The title track “10,000 Volts” electrifies us right from the start, and yes, it’s a great tune. Ace might not be a singer like many others but this track is pure Ace and doesn’t disappoint any fans of his sloppy guitar stylings. Even the first video to promote the album is pretty damn cool. The only con to the album as a whole is the “Love letter” vibe that this album feels like.

“Walkin’ On The Moon” is yet another single that was released with yet another video. As can be predicted the space theme emerges big time here with Ace in a spacesuit playing guitar on the moon with some alien guys behind him. To this listener, this is a weak track and the video is just cheesy with a side of corniness.

Coming in on the third slot of this eleven-track album is “Cosmic Heart”. I love the intro on this one, and the singing is pure Ace. Vocally this is the Ace that should be reflected throughout the album. The pace and sound could almost be considered a great follow-up to his infamous ’78 solo album. with a classic-sounding Ace solo, this is a classic song that they should have done a video for.

Guitars Done By Who?

Reading online the reviews and comments on 10,000 Volts has been mixed, to say the least. Some even think that Steve Brown did a great job trying to sound like Ace. To this writer, it doesn’t matter, to be honest, but the next song, and third single “Cherry Medicine” has had a few fans talking about this again. Is the song bad? Not by any means, but the solo does sound very Ace-like so this writer will choose to believe that it’s Ace, and no one else.

Speaking of the infamous ’78 solo album, the 5th track, “Back Into My Arms Again” could have shifted from a few years after that and be right out of the Frehley’s Comet days. This will take you right back to FC songs like “Into The Night”. Another great track that most will probably miss out on based on the singles being released.

“Fightin’ For Life” is another one that is a definite standout on this album. This could have been a great title for the album and could have stood out as a single as well. Ace sings this one with a gusto and energy that Ace fans would love to hear more of from our guitar hero. Great Ace style solo, and well written, it’s a goto track for sure.

Side B

“Blinded”. One might think that this might be the Ace-styled cover of that classic pop song “Blinded by Science” by its opening lyrics, but it is nothing but a line that is changed in its tone but still a direct copy of the classic track. Not the best song on this album for sure. A complete throwaway track that can easily be skipped.

Following that is probably one of the weirdest tracks coming from a 72-year-old man. Hearing Ace use the term “cute” just is not cute. “Constantly Cute” has some great music behind it, but the context of the song isn’t.

Ah yes, time for the obligatory cover song. “Life Of A Stranger”. This song previously done in 2002 by Nadia is quite well done by Ace. A ballad for sure, but not your usual drippy, sappy style of ballad salad as one might expect.

“Up In The Sky” takes us back to Ace jamming on the guitar (maybe), but it’s back to the typical Ace style of lyrics, and sound. Nothing special here, but typical Ace 100%


As Per usual we exit an Ace Frehley album with and outro instrumental. Stratosphere is yet another piece that fits well into Ace;s spacey themes with most of his outros, and is still very well played throughout its entirety. As much as most have come to expect them, I think most welcome them.

Psychotic Thoughts

So, is 10,000 Volts a great album? Well to diehard Ace Fans it is absolutely. To an average music fan, it has its high points, and its low points. I think that it has enough high points to give it a chance and if you can find a few gems amongst the stones then yes, give it a thumbs up for sure. Being a KISS fan for a great many years, I welcome any new music from Ace, and upon each album, I always come out smiling.

Keep Rocking All!


  1. 10 000 Volts
  2. Walkin’On The Moon
  3. Cosmic Heart
  4. Cherry Medicine
  5. Back Into My Arms Again
  6. Fightin’ For Life
  7. Blinded
  8. Constantly Cute
  9. Life Of A Stranger
  10. Up In The Sky
  11. Stratosphere

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