The L.A. Maybe: Dirty Damn Tricks : Deluxe Edition

The L.A. Maybe: Dirty Damn Tricks : Deluxe Edition

L.A. Maybe

Hard rocking outfit The L. A. Maybe are returning to the UK again this month to play a series of shows. The band who were here in May and played Call Of The Wild Festivaland a couple of other shows at the last minute due to promotional issues (the band are dealing direct these days to make sure everything is A-OK for gigs going ahead).

The band who released the excellent Dirty Damn Tricks back in 2021 have also issued a deluxe version of the album. Now for those who want to read the review of the original issue please click HERE and get an idea of how damn (sic) good it is.


Since it was released the band have changed singer and now they are fronted by their original vocalist again Goliath. Some background information as to the change can be found at this Link where both guitarists took time to chat with CGCMwhislt at the festival. Now the deluxe version features 3 of the reviewed songs in acoustic form, 2 in demo form and a brand new song which is also acoustic here.

The fun part is I am not 100% sure if the acoustic and demo versions are done by Goliath (I am guessing they are, from the interview quite a number of the songs from the original album were written with him in the band) and the new song is definitely him. It says how good he is when the quality is of the standard from the 2021 release! Big guy, big voice and having met him, a big heart (as have all the guys, they could not have been more generous with their time on the day and the fact that everytime I bumped into any of them in the crowd they always came up and said “hi” again!)

The acoustic versions go to highlight the quality of the songwriting as well as the band’s vocal harmonies. I will put a link to buy the deluxe version at the bottom of the article along with their website and Facebook pages.


The band are playing these dates this coming week and beyond…

December 2: Winter Rocks Festival: Sheffield Corporation (down as 6:30pm)

               4: The Patriot, Crumlin, Newport, South Wales

               5: The Hope And Anchor, London

               7: The Waterloo Music Bar, Blackpool

              8: Nightrain, Bradford

              9: Brickyard, Carlisle

             12: Bannerman’s Bar, Edinburgh, Scotland

             13: B2 Venue, Norwich

             14: The Canvass, Bournemouth

             16: The Cobblestones, Bridgewater

For all tickets see link on the band’s website… TICKET LINK

The band were bloody marvelous at COTW. Not only rocking hard but also throwing in plenty of fun and silliness and even bad dancing. (I am not one to talk having the grace of an elephant😀) making them an absolute hoot. They love to get folks involved and I have to give extra credit for just how good they sound when it comes to vocal harmonies live onstage. No fakery just talent!

Purchase Deluxe Version Of “Dirty Damn Tricks HERE

Official Website  //  Official Facebook