SPIRIT ADRIFT - Ghost in the Gallows (Album Review)

Spirit Adrift’s latest album,Ghost in the Gallows, is an absolute masterpiece that redefines the boundaries of modern heavy metal music. From start to finish, this album takes listeners on an enthralling sonic journey that’s both powerful and emotionally resonant.

Band Background

Nate Garrett began his musical journey in the metal scene, drawing inspiration from various subgenres such as doom, traditional heavy metal, and classic rock. Before forming Spirit Adrift, he was a part of the band Gatecreeper, where he played guitar. However, he eventually decided to step away from Gatecreeper to focus more on his own creative vision.

In 2015, Garrett founded Spirit Adrift as a solo project, initially releasing the debut album “Chained to Oblivion” in 2016. The album showcased his ability to blend elements of traditional doom metal with modern sensibilities, earning the attention and respect of metal fans and critics alike.

As Spirit Adrift evolved, so did Garrett‘s songwriting and musical direction. He demonstrated a knack for crafting emotionally charged lyrics and intricate compositions that resonated with listeners on a deeper level. His distinctive vocal style, characterized by powerful and emotive delivery, became a defining feature of the band’s sound.

I became a fan of Enlightened in Eternity, then Forge Your Future and 20 Centuries Gone sealed the deal with this band for me. They just get better with each release.

Ghost in the Gallows

“Death has been an up close and personal part of my life since I was a young child. When I began writing Ghost at the Gallows, the specter of death hung as constant as ever. [It] navigates a world where ghosts are real, and they haunt us in the form of grief, trauma, and loss. . . . And like every entry in the Spirit Adrift catalog, the deepest aim of the lyrics is to find good in the bad, strength in weakness, and hope in darkness. It wasn’t until I finished the record that I realized all the stages of grief are present [here]. Maybe these songs were my subconscious attempt at facilitating my own grieving process. Either way, this record helps me, and I hope it helps whoever else needs it.”Nate Garrett

The album opens with an irresistible energy that immediately grabs your attention and sets the tone for what’s to come. Each track flows seamlessly into the next, creating a cohesive experience that’s meant to be enjoyed in its entirety. The songwriting is exceptional, showcasing a perfect blend of raw intensity and melodic intricacy.

Nate Garrett‘s vocals are nothing short of breathtaking. His range and emotive delivery add depth to the already rich tapestry of the music. Whether it’s the soaring choruses or the soulful verses, Garrett‘s voice carries an authenticity that’s often hard to find in today’s metal scene.

What truly sets Ghost in the Gallows apart is the sheer diversity of musical influences it incorporates. From thundering riffs that harken back to classic metal to intricate guitar work that showcases technical prowess, the album keeps surprising you with its creativity. The balance between crushing heaviness and moments of ethereal beauty is masterfully executed, ensuring that the album remains engaging from start to finish.

The production quality of this album is nothing short of exceptional. The mix is expertly balanced, allowing each instrument to shine through while maintaining the album’s overall cohesiveness. The attention to detail is evident, and it’s clear that the band poured their heart and soul into every aspect of the recording.

The Songs

There are 8 songs on this release and trust me there are no fillers. The riffs and solos are the highlight of this album paired with great songwriting. The vocals are great as well and they match each song perfectly.

“Give Her To The River”

This song has a very atmospheric intro and outro. You can hear the birds and river flowing it really paints the picture of the story being told in the song. The solo is just fantastic and you can basically say that for every song on this album. The song is over 7 minutes but it doesn’t seem that long. Great start to this journey of musical mastery.

“Barn Burner”

Properly titled this song is definitely a barn burner. Old-school sludge riffs and amazing solos you don’t want it to end. This songs shows off the guitar prowess of Nate and Tom and another catchy chorus. The intro reminds me of Maiden’s Wasted Years.

“Hanged Man’s Revenge”

Early ‘80s thrash with galloping riffs and catchy chorus. Blistering guitar solo. Great drumming.

“These Two Hands”

Beautifully folkish acoustic guitar intro. Haunting vocals. Slow pace until about 3 minutes in and then it kicks in and gets that doom feel and the pace picks up.

“Death Won’t Stop Me”

First single released from this album. Perfect song. Try not to headbang on this one. Great twin guitars on this one catchy heavy very infectious.

“I Shall Return”

Similarities to “Crazy Train” as the song kicks off. The chorus is very catchy it will have you singing it the rest of the day. You can also say that about most of the songs on this album.

“Siren Of The South”

Thrash riff starts off and leads to another blistering riff. Progressive metal tendencies.

“Ghost At The Gallows”

Epic song almost 8 minutes and like the first track it doesn’t feel that long. Really well constructed with epic riffs. It starts off with that Doom feel but as the song goes on it becomes more of a traditional heavy metal song. The song goes in different directions keeping the listener engaged and before you know it the song is over.

Final Thoughts

Ghost in the Gallows isn’t just an album – it’s an experience. It’s the kind of record that has the power to transport you to another realm, where emotions run deep and the music speaks to your soul. Spirit Adrift has managed to capture lightning in a bottle, creating an album that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

In a musical landscape where true originality can be hard to come by, Ghost in the Gallows shines as a beacon of creativity and passion. Spirit Adrift has crafted an album that not only pays homage to the roots of metal but also pushes the genre forward in exciting and unexpected ways. Whether you’re a dedicated metalhead or simply someone who appreciates exceptional music, this album deserves a place in your collection. Ghost in the Gallows is a triumph, a sonic journey that demands to be experienced again and again.

Currently holding top spot in my top ten of the year. It’s that good.


Nate Garrett – Vocals, Rhythm/Lead Guitar

Tom Draper – Lead Guitar

Sonny DeCarlo – Bass

Mike Arellano – Drums


1 – Give Her To The River

2 – Barn Burner

3 – Hanged Mans Revenge

4 – These Two Hands

5 – Death Won’t Stop Me

6 – I Shall Return

7 – Siren Of The South

8 – Ghost At The Gallows

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