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PRÖWESS – Blacktop Therapy (Album Review)

I love high energy hard drivin’ Rock n’ Roll. It’s my go-to style. I love the riffs, the foot-stomping, the steady drums. It’s my drug of ultimate choice. Bands like Airbourne, Danko Jones, Rhino Bucket and Broken Teeth among many others are all perennial faves. In January of 2017, I somehow crossed paths with such […]

M-PRE Party Lineup 2020 (News)

Ahead of the M3 Rock Festival in Maryland comes the M-Pre Party. Not officially affiliated with the M3 Rock Festival, the M-Pre Party is now in its eleventh edition. The event, presented by D-Toxin Productions, takes place on the Thursday evening prior to M3. Here is the M-Pre Party lineup 2020 fully revealed! Known for […]

PRÖWESS – Blacktop Therapy (January 3, 2020)

New release from: Pröwess – Blacktop Therapy January 3, 2020 Pröwess, are a hard rock band from North Carolina featuring Scott Roby (21st Century Goliath) and Curly Staples on guitar, vocalist Dalton Bowes, bassist Kenny Mange and drummer Brandon Chinn. CGCM Podcast featured their song “No Survivors” off the 2017 EP, Headfirst, in a previous episode. […]

PRÖWESS – Headfirst (EP Review)

prow·ess – (prouəs) – noun DEFINITION: 1. skill or expertise in a particular activity or field. 2. bravery in battle Pröwess is a supreme rock & roll band. We are the unicorn. The dragon. The mythical creature that you thought long extinct. So says the official Facebook page of the newly emerged hard-driving rock n […]


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