SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2019 – Final Bands (News)

Sweden Rock Festival 2019Final 14 Bands for SWEDEN ROCK Festival 2019 Announced

Press Release (translated by Google Translate):

Today we can present the last 14 bands to Sweden Rock Festival 2019.

One of the world’s largest extreme metal bands, Behemoth, returns to Sweden Rock with a larger stage production than ever before.

LOK resumes when the others fall and makes their first gig in 17 years.

Turbonegro‘s former frontman Hank von Hell makes Sweden Rock debut.

Lillasyster manages the national day celebration.

And we have also got ready with Lucifer, Rock in Swedish: A tribute to Strängen, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Pete Way Band, The Bones, Darkane, OZ, Brothers of Metal, Burning Witches and Sölvesborg’s own Dust Bowl Jokies.

Thus, all 82 acts are in place and this year’s starting field is complete. Detailed schedule is released shortly.

Sweden Rock is Scandinavia’s largest hard rock festival. Every year, visitors from about 50 countries are attracted to Sölvesborg. Where they are offered over 80 concerts in a mix of classic rock, hard rock, southern rock and metal. Sweden Rock is known for maintaining a high level of service The friendly atmosphere has become one of the festival’s foremost signs. In addition to the annual festival, Sweden Rock has now collected a magazine magazine, drinks and lifestyle products under its brand.


The Sweden Rock Festival 2019 is held in Sölvesborg on 5-8 June.

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