SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – Coney Hatch (Spotlight Blog)

SWEDEN ROCK 2023 - Coney Hatch (Spotlight Blog)
SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – Coney Hatch (Brian Ronald)

Once again continuing our SRF series of “🇨🇦 in the crowd watching 🇨🇦 on stage”, we assembled on the barrier for Coney Hatch. Now, while I’ve seen the guys a few times and in different countries, it’s been a little while. I wondered how the band would be received by this large Swedish festival crowd. I wondered how the boys would sound, last year with Lee Aaron on this same stage there were heartbreaking sound issues. Interestingly, both bands feature guitarist Sean Kelly! Coney Hatch, aside from Kelly are all original. Three out of four, even that’s rare these days as our musical heroes as well as us get older.

The sun was already hot, too damn hot. The day Swedish sun just hammers down on you and I was already a little crispy from yesterday. But we were front row ready to support and cheer on our little band from 🇨🇦. After being announced in Swedish, Coney Hatch took the stage starting out with “We Got The Night“. With vocalist/guitarist Carl Dixon stepping back from the mic, bassist Andy Curran handled lead on one of my fave tracks, “Stand Up“. We had fists high and nodded at each other, impressed with the sound. Everything was totally on point. We were already “Blown Away“!

SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – Coney Hatch (Brian Ronald)

Blown Away

Up next was indeed the song “Blown Away” as Carl took back vocal duties. This song may never have happened as some idiot fan accidentally took the written song lyrics off the stage one night in Toronto. I shall personally play the role of said idiot. I recall telling Carl that I was the culprit some years later and the lyrics still hang framed in my home. I’ve told the story on a few episodes of CGCM Podcast. “Boys Club” followed, Andy back on the mic. We remarked to each other how incredible both vocalists still sound today! We all know that’s not always the case.

From there, Andy announced that the entire Coney Hatch set today was dedicated to former Toronto Maple Leaf hockey player and Swede, Borje Salming. “She’s Gone” took him to discuss the ’83 tour in which Coney Hatch opened for Iron Maiden. We had noticed right at the start of the set that Steve Harris, bassist of Iron Maiden indeed was watching side stage. “Fallen Angel” including “Radar Love” snip melded in brought us to “Fantasy“. Carl then called out another from the Friction album, also stating they couldn’t play them all to the crowd shouting for songs. “This Ain’t Love” was the chosen selection before Andy stepped up for “Marseilles“.

SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – Coney Hatch (Brian Ronald)

Postcards From Germany

Carl then spoke of a new Coney Hatch album titled Postcards From Germany. It’s a live album with two new songs including the new single “It’s About A Girl“. The powerhouse three-pack closing set of “Hey Operator“, “Devil’s Deck” and “Monkey Bars” all from the debut would be the end of the stage time. The band exited, with Carl lingering last, still thanking the crowd.

What a show! The band sounded so very tight is was magical. Carl‘s and Andy‘s vocals still as strong as days of yore. Drummer DaveThumperKetchum hitting hard right in the pocket on every song. Sean Kelly delivering tasteful solos right in line with the originals. OMG, Coney Hatch was so good. My absolute #1 band/show of SRF 2023……the only thing better would have been 10mins more time with”Wrong Side of Town” and “Don’t Say Make Me” added into the set! Thanks, Coney Hatch for doing the Canadian hard rock community proud. I cried tears of pride and joy during this set that moved me so much!



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