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SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – MetalMike’s Thoughts (Blog)

Another festival has gone by and it always goes too fast. This was my 22nd Sweden Rock Festival since 1998 when it was still named Karlshamn’s Rock Festival. During the years I have seen hundreds of bands and some bigger names in rock several times. I just love going to that festival and meeting old […]

SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – Strom (Spotlight Blog)

Strom (actually spelled with an umlaut over the “o”, but my North American keyboard can’t handle that… are a Swedish band hailing from Vaxjo (also with umlauts….stupid keyboard). They began less than three years ago so their Bandcamp page tells me, and have one album in their catalog, 2022’s self-titled. Normally I’m not overly excited […]

SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – Mikael’s Top 5 Bands (Blog)

One of CGCM Rock Radio and Website‘s Swedish correspondents, Mikael Norstedt aka: MetalMike71 lists his top 5 personal favourite shows at Sweden Rock Festival 2023. MetalMike71 joined the CGCM Rock Radio and Website team late last year, it was great to hang out at Sweden Rock and I (Rich “The Meister” Dillon) already look forward […]

SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – Shawn’s Top 5 Bands (Blog)

Every year since 2016, June has been the time I go to Sweden for the most amazing rock festival in the world. With the cancellation in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid, I have recently returned from my 6th Sweden Rock Festival. So many great bands to see, but it was also the chance to […]

SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – Meister’s Thoughts (Blog)

Hello readers, followers, friends and fans, my name is Rich “The Meister” Dillon from CGCM Rock Radio and Website. To fill you in on a little backstory here, I spent a good portion of years not listening to music. TBH, I became disillusioned with the musical landscape and anything I heard on radio or tv, […]

SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – Brian’s Top 5 Bands (Blog)

Brian Ronald’s Sweden Rock Festival’s Top 5 Performances Well, another successful Sweden Rock Festival is in the books and the good news is I have shed the SRF “virgin” title I garnered last year. All of us CGCM contributors were tasked with coming up with our top 5 performances of the festival. Because there were […]

SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – Kryfar’s Top 5 Bands (Blog)

In her second straight year of attendance at the Sweden Rock Festival, Krysti “Kryfar” Farham remarks on her top five band performances of the event. Def Leppard What can I say here?  Def Leppard always brings it!  It was fun to see them in a different country.  They drew a huge crowd so “seeing” was […]

SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – Rachel’s Top 5 Bands (Blog)

CGCM Rock Radio Website contributor, interviewer and previous radio show host, Rachel Leigh Vendetta points out her top 5 favourite band performances at Sweden Rock Festival 2023. Alter Bridge Alter Bridge is one of my favourite bands and one that I was really looking forward to. It’s hard to imagine a more talented rock singer […]

SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – Meister’s Top 5 Bands (Blog)

This year at Sweden Rock, there were fewer bands on the bill than usual that I was excited about! Sometimes it goes that way and TBH, that’s totally fine. It gives me a chance to mingle with friends old and new a little more as I’m not running from stage to stage trying to catch […]

SWEDEN ROCK 2023 – Coney Hatch (Spotlight Blog)

Once again continuing our SRF series of “🇨🇦 in the crowd watching 🇨🇦 on stage”, we assembled on the barrier for Coney Hatch. Now, while I’ve seen the guys a few times and in different countries, it’s been a little while. I wondered how the band would be received by this large Swedish festival crowd. […]


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