SILVEROLLER And DEWOLFF – Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh (Gig Review)

DeWolff: Live Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh March 2024
DeWolff: Live Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh March 2024

Reviewing And Interviewing… (To Come)

I was offered the chance to review new British outfit Silveroller on the UK tour they are doing as support to Dutch rockers DeWolff. I was also given the chance to meet up with them beforehand to talk all things Silveroller. That interview will be up online here soon, as it is transcribed! It is as fun-filled as it is interesting. The whole band were there so working out from the recording who said what should be some work for me!

How Can I Not Talk About DeWolff

I might have been there to do a piece on the support but firstly I do not think the band or their PR person would object to a review of the headliners (I think they would think it amiss if I didn’t, such is the respect Silveroller have for the headliners from my conversations with them) but it would just be plain wrong of me not to write a piece on the wonderful headliners as well.

The 3-piece blew the place apart. With just a guitarist, drummer and keys player they made the most incredibly full sound. Nothing quite like a Hammond organ to be honest as well.

Frontman Pablo van de Poel has a vibe of the late great Steve Marriott about him, all swagger and chat whilst ripping through solos like it is the easiest job in the world. His brother (I believe younger brother) Luka van de Poel not only is a fantastic drummer but also has a great voice supplying not only backing vocals but quite a few leads as well.

As for keyboardist Robin Piso he seems to be doing 2 things at once, one hand laying down bass lines on the keys and on the other flitting over the keys with speed and dexterity, sometimes gentle and at other times hammering down solos and fills. Seriously these guys create some bloody sound.

Kicking Out The Jams

The music is a mix of classic 70s rock with some soul and funk, but also with a touch of Southern rock thrown in. I would say the band are the bastard child of Humble Pie and Ten Years After having seen them live. Those who know the former (especially the Live At The Filmore album) can guess some of the roots music underneath all the rocking bravado. They opened with a couple of more straight-ahead style rockers in “Night Train” and “Heart Stopping Kinda Show” which Pablo said was more about the crowd’s attitude to being at the gig. He said we could have all stayed in and watched TV and waited for something good, but we instead took the chance and went out to see a new band and head for that fun time, that excitement.

Will O’ The Wisp” was described as a “cooling down song” and was jazzy as hell. Some lovely interplay between organ and guitar as well on this. As for the drums, my god, Luka was showing such skills throughout. He was almost playing lead in a way. I was pretty stunned watching. The crowd were so quick to to join in with the “know your heart is burning” chorus on “Double Crossing Man“, so much so Pablo looked a touch shocked.

He had the audience laughing when he basically called us all really old😂(he said he felt old then he saw all of us… we didn’t disagree it was a fair comment). As I said there were tracks that went on for 10 to even 22 minutes but none dragged due to the variety of grooves, moods and time changes along with the amount of personality coming off the stage (sometimes literally off the stage and in the crowd). Honestly what a fabulous band. Hard-rocking soulful grooves with a load of jams. It is the 1970s again (praise the lord!).

Silveroller: Live Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh March 2024
Silveroller: Live Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh March 2024

Old And New Songs

Talking of hard rocking soulful grooves we must talk about Silveroller. This young 5-piece have the chops and a group of very good songs (to be found on their EP/Album At Dawn Purchase HERE) that are worthy of any old school hard-rocking fan’s ears.

Now they only had 30 mins and a minimum amount of stage to move around in, but by god they used it to the very best of their abilities, especially with singer Jonnie Hodson and guitarist Aaron Keylock working the crowd and winding each other up.

Sometimes just silly wee things like when Jonnie was singing a line and next thing Aaron had his head on his shoulder cuddling in with a cheeky smile. The band played 5 of the 6 songs from the latest release but also threw in a new track as well. There is nothing better than when reviewing a band and they do play a newby and you enjoy it as much as anything already recorded. “Trouble Follows Me” was a belter on first listen. Funky and rocking featuring a lovely bit of slide guitar work and wonderful organ from Ross Munro. If that is a sign of what is to come, bring it on I say! On “Other Side” I noticed Jonnie threw in a bit of “Hangman Jury” by Ledbelly possibly made famous to rockers by Aerosmith doing a version in the 80s.

A Variety Of Influences

One of the things I noticed is that despite the main influences being from many years ago they sound quite or more contemporary than first listen.  For instance, there were moments I could hear a little Lenny KravitzJet and Wolfmother to name a few artists.  “Hold” was almost pure 1970s Purple especially due to the powerful keyboard performance. I am sure Jon Lord would have smiled if he had been stood next to me last night! Difficult to say much more in the way of praise for the musical performance. Like the headliners there was also some chat, working the crowd, my favourite line being a simple “hands up if you don’t like audience participation“. That’ll confuse us old folks in the crowd😂.

Summing Up

Truly an excellent night of music. 2 bands that are different from each other yet have the same roots music-wise. Seeing guys half my age and indeed some a third of my age making such music is so pleasing. To be delivering with such precision and intensity along with being highly entertaining speaks volumes to both these bands. The tour continues and I suggest if it comes near you that you grab life by the hands and get out and see them both.

Tour dates….

16 Mar, Hug & Pint, Glasgow
17 Mar, Night & Day, Manchester
19 Mar, The Louisiana, Bristol
20 Mar, The Bullingdon, Oxford
21 Mar, Bodega, Nottingham
22 Mar, Black Box, Hastings
23 Mar, Omeara, London

Silveroller Official Bandcamp  //  Official Facebook

DeWolff Official Website  //  Official Facebook


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