Whilst the guys of Seven Sisters haven’t exactly been quiet since the release of the fabulous The Cauldron and the Cross this new album is their first full-length effort of new material since 2018.

To say the anticipation was palpable prior to the release of Shadow of a Fallen Star Part 1 would be a massive understatement. The Cauldron and the Cross rode high in my Top 10 of 2018 in a particularly vintage year so my hopes were expectantly high.

Shadow of a Fallen Star Part 1 did not disappoint in any way, shape or form. TCatC was set to be a really tough act to follow but the foursome of Kyle McNeill (vocals, guitar), Graeme Farmer (Guitars), Gareth Martin (bass) and Sammy Christou (drums) have delivered big style. Martin and Christou are new to the band for this album, but you can’t see the join, they’re a perfect fit.

Seven Sisters’ roots may lie firmly in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal but they’ve developed into something more mature and with great depth. 

The golden thread running through the album is one of tales of outer space which holds the album together beautifully without being an albatross around its neck.


Opening up is “Andromeda Rising”, a mainly acoustic instrumental affair that sets the scene for the heavy-hitting to follow. That comes quickly in the form of “Beyond the Black Stars” where the opening riffs stand your hairs on end and get your blood pumping. Christou is the driving force behind this track, belting the skins to almost DragonForce proportions. Impressive stuff.

“The Artifice” is more medium-paced and very melodic and catchy with a superb solo. What more could you want?

It’s power and melody on “Whispers in the Dark” which work to great effect. Big riffs, big solos and add them to McNeill’s understated and underrated vocals it’s another winner. 

The winners keep on coming too, firstly in the shape of “Horizon’s Eye”. This track continues the strong melodic theme but then detours halfway through into atmospherics. This reflects the depth I referred to earlier. It also has a momentary prog feel which is welcome.

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Although it is a slower track, “Wounds of Design” is nowhere near ballad territory. It is poignant for sure but solid all the same, a beautiful song.

The title track gets back to hard rock with all the requisite parts I love about Seven Sisters. Strong melodies, twin riffing and great vocals plus top-notch solos. Stirring stuff.

The big finish comes in the form of “Truth’s Burden” which is a perfect track with which to end upon. 7 minutes of peak Seven Sisters. This is a song in which you can just immerse yourself while you recognise what a sensational album this is.

Shadow of a Fallen Star Part 1 had big shoes to fill following The Cauldron and the Cross but it succeeds magnificently. In my opinion, it just shades it. Yes, it’s that good! 

I’m already looking forward to Part II, no pressure guys!

Seven Sisters are also fantastic live if you get the chance, but before you do that get your hands on this beauty.

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