Mile - The World In FocusAh, Sweden! A veritable hotbed of music these days. That Scandinavian country just keeps on giving and giving in all music genres. This round we have uncovered another golden gem called simply Mile. This band is a fairly new addition into the music scene having formed in 2012. The band began comprised of former members of the band Cabinett in Marcus Karlsson (vocals), Fredrik Palm (guitars), and Marcus Folke (bass). Joining the crew and completing the lineup, we find Dennis Kjellgren behind the kit. In 2015, Niklas “Nike” Tidaholm took over bass duties from Folke. The debut Mile album, Lost, appeared late the same year. Now on January 19, 2018, Rambo Music delivered MileThe World In Focus.

Vocalist Marcus “Masken” Karlsson states: “I’ve been asked if the name had to do with the leader of Kreator but, although we like the sound of the German legend, it’s not about him. It’s an easy name to remember, we’re not added to a specific label of music and can represent the distance that music can take you.” I’d agree with that statement personally. In these internet savvy days we live in, music can certainly transport you distances…I know!

MILE – The World In Focus (Album Review)

We begin The World In Focus with the lead single (video below) “Crying In Your Sleep”. The track slowly builds up from the outset fading into the explosion as it opens up fully. And then it happens…about 45 seconds in all of a sudden I hear a band that I hate. But do I really hate that band? Or do I just think that I do because everyone says I do? Nickelback. I hear Nickelback. Blatantly. But it doesn’t last as fifteen seconds later all I hear is Mile. Actually, a great track brimming with hard rock energy and packing a punch.

Mile Band Photo - David Duplo Fernandez

Photo Credit: David Duplo Fernandez

“Why Won’t You (Die Motherf***er)” is fantastic on title alone. Although if it was my band I wouldn’t have used the asterisks in the title. If you’re gonna swear, go for the gold mate! Another fantastic pounder of a track. Horns high for this one live. The band definitely have a huge modern flair to them, but there are elements of classic Hard Rock in the mix as well. Track #3, “Sky Is Red” has a pumping rhythm but is not as blistering as the two leadoffs. Still a great track, don’t get that wrong.

The World In Focus continues to impress throughout the remainder. The song “Fade Away” placed about mid-pack is a little different. It has a slower, plodding pace, but still shows some balls. While not a favorite for me, it does not detract from the listen as a whole.

Final Thoughts

This album rocks. It moves along at a good clip and keeps the energy ramped up for its duration. Perfect for ballad and slow fare haters such as myself. There is one song that takes down the energy in parts but it still has some balls to it. A decent fist-pumper of an album delivered by Sweden’s Mile……now hopefully they get added to Sweden Rock Festival so I may raise the horns high in a live setting.

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