SEASONS OF THE WOLF – Live On Meister Music (Radio Show)

SEASONS OF THE WOLF - Live On Meister Music (Radio Show)In his quest to continually expose awesome bands (and cause himself undue stress with technical issues) RichThe MeisterDillon will be broadcasting Meister Music at a special day and time. On Wednesday, February 28, 2024, he will be on location in Bradenton, Florida. He’ll be with the band Seasons Of The Wolf at their studio. The band will be featured in the live show and will be playing a mini-set LIVE CONCERT right in the show!

It’s a first for all involved (and hopefully they can pull off the tech stuff)! During the show, you can hear the audio LIVE on CGCM Rock Radio. Or watch and listen via CGCM‘s MixCloud page (CGCM’s MixCloud). MixCloud also features an interactive chatroom where you will be able to chat with the band, ask questions and request songs. It’s a fun hang-out and SEASONS OF THE WOLF will be LIVE! Don’t miss it!

From the Facebook event page:

Hot News

A very special edition of CGCM Rock Radio‘s Meister Music will take place on Wednesday, February 28, 2024!

Meister will be (as always) LIVE TO AIR, but this time he’ll be ON LOCATION at the SEASONS OF THE WOLF studio/rehearsal space (the coveted SOTW Strategic Compound) in Bradenton Florida. Seasons of the Wolf band members will be popping in and out during the live music show and the band will also be playing a 4 or 5 song LIVE concert set right in the broadcast! Meister is Live, the band is guest hosting live, SOTW is performing LIVE. You can watch and interact live! That’s a whole lotta LIVE….and it’s all brought to you by Seasons of the Wolf, CGCM Rock Radio and Meister Music Live.

Skully from Seasons Of The Wolf comments:

Wednesday evening – 8pm EST – FEB 28th – LIVE!!
Direct from the S.O.T.W Strategic Command Post on CGCM Rock Radio with Rich “The Meister” Dillon. Seasons Of The Wolf will perform a short raw live set of songs. Chatting, ball-busting, and shenanigans welcome!! Get in the podcast chatroom and lay it on thick and heavy“.



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