MARTIN SWEET - Acoustic Stockholm

MARTIN SWEET – Acoustic Stockholm

While in Stockholm I have to check out the local music scene. For a lot of people, Sweden is a veritable hotbed for music right now. I was unable to engage in some of my regular activities this trip to Stockholm as I had made a miscalculation and found myself rather tight on cash. But my friend, CGCM cohort and Stockholm resident Rachel Leigh Vendetta invited me out to see Martin Sweet and Sam Soderlindh of Crashdiet doing an acoustic gig. Ok, that’s something I won’t see every day!

The place was called Bangkok Bistro. And to my complete surprise, it was literally a Thai restaurant! What a weird little place for a concert. Intimate it was for sure! Down one side were tables and chairs regularly used for diners to enjoy their meals. The other side was lined with restaurant booth-type tables. In the middle was a small “aisle” about three people wide. At the end of all this was a slightly raised off-the-floor stage. Rachel and I took a small table further to the back across from the bar. Well, it was also the only option when we entered. The place was quite full!

The Show Begins

Martin and Sam did some tuning up and then things got underway. The first song was a cover of Paul Stanley‘s “Wouldn’t You Like To Know Me” from the ’78 KISS Solo album. I immediately recalled that Martin Sweet had released Digesting Decades cover album quietly back in 2021. This song was on it along with KISS‘ “Torpedo Girl“. I wonder if we’ll hear that tonight🤷🏻‍♂️. There was also a snip of “Detroit Rock City” and “Crazy Nights” in the early stages of the set.

The set was very loose and comfortable. Often small chords or snips of songs as the two laughed, clearly having a good time! The crowd felt this and also seemed to be living on air tonight. People began standing in the little three-person wide aisle between table and booth. Rachel and I did for a couple songs as well. One young lady really got into it, kneeling on the floor, she then bent all the way backwards while air guitaring! Ultimately I felt a bit awkward standing up there and returned to the little table. Where TBH we could see quite well.

Overall the set included some classic covers like “Have You Ever Seen The Rain“, “No Woman, No Cry“, “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love“, “Breaking the Chains” and “I Wanna Be Somebody“. Of course, peppered throughout the mix were some Crashdiet tracks as well “Riot In Everyone“, “Reptile” and “Generation Wild” being the clear winners. What a great evening of acoustic music from an artist I’ve been listening to for several years! Thanks, Rachel for the invite and thanks Martin Sweet and Sam Soderlindh! A Canadian boy on his travels really enjoyed the evening!



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