Hoser Heavy Metal Vol. 5 with Löve RazërThis week on the Decibel Geek Podcast it’s time for the yearly break for hosts Chris and Aaron. As the guys take the week off to enjoy their Thanksgiving football and turkey et al, The Canadian Hosers take over for their fifth time. Self-dubbed “The Hoser Heavy Metal Twins”, mostly due to being born on the very same day….and mass beer consumption during the moniker choosing process….Wally “Wallygator” Norton and Rich “The Meister” Dillon are Decibel Geek‘s Original Hosers. In the past, the Canadians’ yearly hosted podcast has included the introduction of a lot of Canadian music as well as special guests like Greg Fraser and Stevie Skreebs from Canadian band Brighton Rock.

This year we find the Hoser Metalheads at a pub in Etobicoke, Ontario (nearby their favorite rock club, The Rockpile) with the new band Löve Razër. This quartet of youthful Sunset Strip style rockers met with our Hosers a few hours before taking The Rockpile stage to open up for Tracii Guns back in October.

Löve Razër was introduced to Decibel Geek by a friend of Wally‘s and after hearing the EP Rock n’ Roll Addiction, Wally felt compelled to write a review (EP Review). From there the floodgates of Decibel Geek love opened up for Löve Razër. Regular podcast hosts Chris and Aaron spun a track shortly after during a Fresh Blood themed episode (Fresh Blood Vol.4 Ep#239). Rich “The Meister” Dillon saw the band’s first ever live show in Toronto (Live at the Linsmore). Laura Suchan reviewed her first Löve Razër performance as the band stormed Oshawa, Ontario (Live in Oshawa). Staff writer Blair DeAbreu covered a Löve Razër show in London, Ontario (Live at Eastsides). Star photographer Shawn “Animalize” Irwin has also been on hand to capture incredible stage moments for Löve Razër (Live at the Rockpile).

One of Decibel Geek‘s writers based in the UK has even reached out and requested a copy of the EP!

As you’ll hear throughout this in-depth discussion, Löve Razër‘s members completely missed the Sunset Strip era averagely aged 20-21. Yet the band emulate the sounds and styles so well in the just over a year that they’ve been together. You’ll hear about the plans for an upcoming full-length and touring hopes. Also discussed is the formation of Löve Razër, why and how they got into sleaze/glam rock, a special Decibel Geek connection, and some stories from the road. We hope you enjoy Hoser Heavy Metal Vol. 5 with Löve Razër and SHARE with a friend!

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Rock n’ Roll Addiction EP

iTunes Review:

Very Solid Show!

by Smooth Slaney on Oct 05, 2016
Rating: ★★★★★

Can’t say enough great things about this podcast. I just recently discovered the Decibel Geek podcast and I’m having a blast going through the archived episodes. These guys show the love for all things rock and metal. I love the what if scenarios they talk about with Shoulda Been a Single being very entertaining. The Albums Unleashed episodes are great and it’s awesome to get the scoop on awesome albums like Warrant’s Dog Eat Dog, Kiss’ Carnival of Souls, Alice Cooper’s DaDa and Skid Row’s Slave to the Grind. Good conversations on every episode…same kinda chats that my buddies and I have on Friday nights over some beers. It’s also great to be turned on to stuff that I’ve never heard before…I’m always looking for something fresh to these ears. If you love rock and metal…download NOW!!

Geeks of the Week:

Chris and Aaron will read a double shot of “Geeks of the Week” on their next episode. The Canadian Hoseheads did not have the information at the time of recording, so feel free to overshare this one and make Chris’ job extra hard next week 🙂

We will also be selecting, at random, 5 sharers of this episode to receive a free Löve Razër Rock n Roll Addiction EP. But…you must meet three requirements first: 1- share this episode (which you already do anyway). 2- “Like” the Löve Razër Facebook page (which you may already have done anyway). 3- Leave them a comment on the Löve Razër page letting them know that you heard the episode (easy to do)…… we’ll have a member of the band randomly select 5 names and if you’ve completed this trilogy we’ll mail you an EP!

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