GRINDER BLUES - El Dos (Album Review)

GRINDER BLUES – El Dos (Album Review)

Grinder Blues is new to me; dUg Pinnick member of King’s X is the maestro behind the band.  At the age of 70, he still can show you what he can create musically and come out with great stuff.  It’s always fun to hear new music from someone with such experience.

Being a huge blues fan, I really enjoy when a band goes back to the roots of rock ‘n’ roll and gives it a rebirth.

Grinder Blues is a true homage to the old-style blues and yet keeps it modern by playing louder, harder with a little more distortion in their guitar playing.

This is the perfect type of music for a road trip. I imagine looking out the window and seeing the countryside with oil factories in the distance, a few horses running wild under a clear blue sky zooming by while I drive at 75mph and the music just fits the scenario perfectly.

This is a definite album to have if you love Hard Rock Blues. The riffs are so damn cool and the songs are very catchy, you get hooked right away.

Next thing you know you are playing air guitar as you listening to the music.  (Mind you not while you are driving at 75mph…lol).

These guys have talent and deserve a shot at being heard.

I would give this album a solid grade.

So go out there and get the album.


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