CGCM Podcast EP#37While the Big Buzzsaw’s Battle of the Bands Playlist Tournament is on hiatus after the conclusion of round one, the Canadian Geeks return with something completely different. You could call it a revolutionary new format in Rock n Roll interviews or a drunken experiment gone horribly wrong or maybe both. Welcome to CGCM Podcast EP#37!

Some of you may remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Children’s books that allowed you to customize the story depending on choices you make throughout the book. Well what you are about to hear is the first ever “Choose Your Own Interview” Episode.

Our first victim is Bare Bones from the Vancouver band Roadrash! Roadrash is a 4 piece speed metal band that are entertaining audiences across North America. If I were to describe Roadrash’s sound, I would say 2 parts Motorhead, 1 part Kill em All era Metallica, mix well and serve loud! Their latest album  “Thunder In Paradise” and other cool merch is available at the Roadrash Bandcamp Page.

It’s a LONG episode so put some extra beers in the fridge. Hope you enjoy the first “Choose Your Own Interview”

Wallygator’s DITD – Love Razer – Outlaw

The Meister’s DITD – Mission In Black – Anthems Of A Dying Breed

Bare Bones’ DITD – Holocaust – Only As Young As You Feel

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