There are many legendary even infamous concert venues around the globe. So much so that just the name of the venue and often famous rock shows jump to mind. You can’t say CBGB’s without thinking of the Ramones, Wembley without thinking of Freddie and the boys. I have never been to the Lyceum theatre but my mind immediately goes straight to the W.A.S.P. video cassette that I wore out back in the 80’s.

In this episode the Canadian Geeks take a walk down memory lane to some of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) concert venues. Venues that have played host to some amazing shows and amazing memories. Venues that no longer exist, Maple Leaf Gardens, Rock and Roll Heaven and the incredible C.N.E. Stadium.

Rock Venues…

Stories from concerts at the Molson Armpit Theatre, the Skydome/Rogers Centre and the ACC or whatever the hell it’s called now. On that topic, when did we get to renaming the venues every other year?

From Kiss playing a jam packed club to nearly being crushed at an L.A. Guns show. A very intimate Headstones concert to seeing Skid Row’s amazing homecoming concert opening up for Aerosmith at the Skydome.

A couple of Rockpile shows are also discussed in honour of both our sponsor and the venue in which the Meister and Wallygator met. Come along for the stories and chime in on the social pages about your favourite venue/concert memories. Were you at a famous venue for a famous show? Maybe we revisit this and have you on the show to share your story.

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