CGCM Podcast EP#28

The Canadian Geeks are back at it again. Another long evening of drinking and recording and a little more drinking and you get this. Almost two and a half hours of drunkin’ rock n roll babble with some really great music to keep you interested and listening to the entire episode.

Live albums are often polarizing in their own right. Some love em (Wallygator) and others not so much (The Meister). But nonetheless they sometimes can even define an artists career. Where would Kiss be without Alive? The Who’s Live at Leeds. Cheap Trick’s Live at Budokan. Jimi Hendrix Live at Montery. And of course who could forget Poison’s Swallow This Live! (ok maybe not so much that last one!)

So with the success of the CGCM’s Greatest Debut Albums OF All Time, we figured why not dive into our collection of live albums. Grab a cold one or six, open your ears real wide and see if you agree with the CGCM’s Greatest Live Albums Of All Time! As always this is the opinion of your esteemed expert hosts (how did I even type that with a straight face?). But as always art is subjective and we encourage you to share your own personal top 6 live albums of all time.

But of course we always start with the Canadian Geeks’ Dick in the Dirt tracks. Each of the hosts select one song that is rocking their world.

The Meister’s D.I.T.D Track – Nightbreak – Nightbreak

Wallygator’s D.I.T.D Track – Rise – Emyna

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Furthermore, the CGCM Podcast is proudly sponsored by Rhythm & Brews Brewing Company in Cambridge, Ontario. By The Farm Rehearsal Studios/Farm Rocks Build-A-Band Program in Markham, Ontario. And by Cloven Hoof Rum in Brighton and Hove, UK.