CGCM Podcast EP#21It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Welcome to the first ever CGCM Christmas Holiday Special. The Canadian Geeks dove early and deep into the Rhythm & Brews Christmas cheer so all bets were off by the time the record button was hit.

On this episode you will learn why the Meister hates Christmas, hear Wallygator go over the edge and most importantly who in the world is Gerry Mentlemen? The Meister talks about wearing a thong, the boys discuss Christmas movies, the Meister slips in a Rap song (sorry about that!).

Hear the Meister proclaim that if the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup this year 2017/18, he will run naked in the streets. A story about the Dee Snider Rock n Roll Christmas Tale. Yet another Star Wars discussion that dissolves into the Meister pointing out that it must have been cold on the movie set based on Princess Leia’s nipples.

Worst of all Wallygator agrees to sing a naughty song at Karaoke for a cash fee! All in all it’s a Holiday train wreck pretty much from the word go. We apologize for tarnishing the most wonderful time of the year, but then again it is the CGwbCM Podcast. Did you really expect anything different?

Hear the following festive fare;

220 Volt (Heavy Christmas), Winger (Silent Night), American Dog (Merry Christmas Asshole), Dio (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen), Run DMC (Christmas In Hollis), Rob Halford (We Three Kings), GWAR (Stripper Christmas, Summer Holiday), Helix (All I Want For Christmas Is The Leafs To Win The Cup!), AC/DC (Mistress For Christmas), Twisted Sister (Oh Come All Ye Faithful), Spinal Tap (Christmas With The Devil), Brighton Rock (White Christmas).

Wallygator’s D.I.T.D. Track – Burn It Down – Aviator Shades

The Meister’s D.I.T.D. Track –  Vice City – Last Alibi

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