It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The CGCM Rock Radio Top Ten Lists. Each and every year the staff at CGCM toil for endless hours listening to literally hundreds of albums and then select their own personal top ten favourite albums from the year past. The global pandemic may have robbed us of live concerts but the albums just keep coming.

Now for those at home keeping score we have set up some rules when it comes to the eligibility of the albums. Live albums, greatest hits albums, reissues are not allowed. (Otherwise Slash Puppet would have made a bunch of lists this year!). EP’s are allowed but must have a minimum of 4 songs. Them, there are the rules.

The Meister takes all of the lists and runs them through the CGCM Top Ten algorithm. It’s actually a really simple point system. Each number 1 album gets 10 points, number 2 albums receive 9 points, etc. The points then get tabulated and from there we rank CGCM’s “Official Top 20 Albums of 2021”.

That list will be discussed in part 2 but first we have the full rundown of the Meister and Wallygator’s personal top ten lists. Sure you can go to our website and read the lists but its infinitely more fun to listen! Join us and see what you might have missed last year. Who knows, you might just hear your new favourite album.

Episode #149 Wallygator and the Meister’s Top Ten of 2021

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