FELSKINN - Enter the Light (Album Review)Felskinn are:

Andy Portmann on Vocals

Beat Schaub on Base

Martin Rauber on Lead Guitar

Tom Graber on Rhythm Guitar

Ronnie Wolf on Drums

Coming out of Lucerne Switzerland Felskinn comes out rocking hard of the 2022 gate.

Formed in 2005, Felskinn has been rockin their way through the European circuit.  As for me, they are new. Another discovery is being made in my pile of discoveries ever since I joined CGCM ROCK RADIO!

Enter the Light is due February 25, 2022, it’s their fourth album and I really like what I’m hearing! There is a lot of aggression in their songs, they’re like a Mack Truck hauling ass, pedal to the metal and no shortage of gas on the highway!

I’m really digging the beat, the rhythm, everything falls right in perfectly. I always love to be surprised time after time. They remind me a bit of Kissin’ Dynamite which I’m a huge fan of.  So this is a big compliment on my part.

FELSKINN - Enter the Light (Album Review)The song list is as follows:

  1.  Darkness In Your Eyes
  2. Send The Angels Down
  3. Enter The Light
  4. Your Life Is Mine
  5. World Will End
  6. Driven
  7. The Saviour Was Born
  8. Life Beyond The Line
  9. Lonely Heart
  10. The Final Reason
  11. Where
  12. SixFiveFour

I can see this album being a big hit for Felskinn! Very well produced and recorded, all-around great sound which makes it even more enjoyable to listen to. As I said they have an aggressive sound but not too heavy, which in turn, can reach a bigger audience. One thing’s for sure I would love to be in Europe and catch one of the great festivals out there and see these guys live.

Ladies and gentlemen before you know it February 25, 2022, will be around the corner and these guys will be waiting!

Rock will never Die!

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