CGCM Podcast Episode #134 - Around The World - Finland

CGCM Podcast EP#134 – Around The World – Finland

With Ontario still under the never-ending stay-at-home orders, the Geeks are getting bored. Since returning from Italy, they battled for 1989 and now need a new adventure.

Finland was suggested as the next port of stop. One of CGCM‘s loyal listeners informed them of all the amazing Paskalampis they could see. It seems that Finland is home to 121 “Paskalampis” which translates in English to “Shit Ponds”. Why would we want to visit shit ponds?

With that information in mind, the Canadian Geeks decided to head on over (virtually of course!) and experience the music and culture of this Nordic land.

Armed to the teeth with facts and a six-pack each of Finnish flavoured heavy metal. It is both informative and entertaining! Where else will you learn about cell phone throwing contests, babies sleeping in cardboard boxes and the annual sleepy head day! From the land of Angry Birds and Clash of Clans learn about the special ingredient on Finland’s gold medal pizza.

As for the tunes? We couldn’t visit Finland and not mention bands like Lordi, Hanoi Rocks and the Barbe-Q Barbies. So lets all head over to the country where wi-fi is a legal right and speeding tickets are geared towards your income. Finland also celebrates “National Failure Day” which bodes well for a couple of hoser hosts.

Episode 134 – Finland

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