Back to back Riot Radio anyone? As another week of isolation, social distancing and cancelled concerts at least we have the CGCM Podcast.

Wallygator takes the DJ seat for an hour’s worth of hard hitting rock and metal. That is until he dumps a set of syrupy rock ballads to simply annoy his co-host. Welcome to episode #109 of the CGCM Podcast and volume 23 of the Riot Radio series.

During this episode Wallygator reveals that he had no plan, theme or message to this week’s show. Looking at the tracklist however, we are not so sure that he isnt trying to tell us something.

Riot Radio Vol 23 (Wallygator Style)


Track Listing

HELIX – Kiss It Goodbye

FIREHOUSE – All She Wrote

L.A. GUNS – Kiss My Love Goodbye

HEADSTONES – Say Goodbye

AC/DC – Goodbye And Good Riddance To Bad Luck

METALLICA – End Of The Line

WHITE LION – Farewell To You


DEVIL CITY ANGELS – Goodbye Forever

SISTER SIN – End Of The Line

DEF LEPPARD  – Ride Into The Sun

VAN HALEN – Happy Trails

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