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The thing about partying like a madman and rocking out, feeling the love of not just good friends, but everyone in attendance…..makes you hungry! TBH, I recall basically nothing of leaving. But I know I was hungry by the fantastic selection of gas station pizza piled on the hotel dresser the next morning. Maybe Danny […]

CGCM PODCAST EP#144-Monsters On The Mountain (With Pilar Spraggins)

CGCM Podcast Vs. Monsters On The Mountain The Meister is back in his natural habitat…travel to festivals! He has just recently returned from the Monsters on the Mountain event that took place in Pigeon Forge, TN. And he’s here to tell you all about the festival and of course, play some great tunes. And he’s […]

CGCM PODCAST EP #109-Riot Radio Vol 23

Riot Radio

Back to back Riot Radio anyone? As another week of isolation, social distancing and cancelled concerts at least we have the CGCM Podcast. Wallygator takes the DJ seat for an hour’s worth of hard hitting rock and metal. That is until he dumps a set of syrupy rock ballads to simply annoy his co-host. Welcome […]

The Story of Rock n’ Skull – Day 2, Saturday October 17, 2015

The Story of Rock n’ Skull – Day 2, Saturday October 17, 2015

The Concorde Inn housekeeping staff seem to favour an early start as they were already knocking on our room door before 8 AM! Well, we were all up anyways fighting each other, huddled in the corner by the room door vying for our own piece of the weak WiFi signal (whoever was closest to the room […]


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