KILLITOROUS - The Afterparty (Album Review)

KILLITOROUS – The Afterparty

Background Information:

Killitorous are a band comprising members of other bands such as Annihilator, First Fragment, Suffocation with a host of guests on different songs from even more acts like Leprous, Cryptopsy, Voivod and Firewind to name but a few. The Afterparty is the follow up to their debut Party Grind from 2014. As can be guessed from the list given here this is heavy shit. It mixes progressive/technical death metal with power metal, NWOBHM and plenty shredding solos. The album features 3 guitarists (on some tracks there are possibly more than that due to guests), blast beats, movie references (of which I can’t say I recognized) and was according to the producer Chris Donaldson a “bit of a nightmare to record” due to all the guitars!

There are 10 tracks in all with the last song being a bit of a cheat at supposedly “10” minutes. In reality it is around 4 and a half as the rest is comprised of a repetitive child’s toy sound and manic clown laugh on repeat. If I gave scores on the reviews they would lose a point because of that! So the album is really only around 38 minutes long music-wise, which is a tad short. There is however plenty to enjoy in the music provided and most of the craziness works. Musically it is first class with plenty of excellent performances. Singer Mathieu Dhani goes from death growls to high pitched screamed vocals with ease. I have no idea most of the time what is being sung (no offence, most of the heavier end of the spectrums vocals leave me trying desperately to grab enough words to work out sentences, yes I am also quite old) but it sounds like fun! There is some sweet time changes, stops and starts which the rhythm section of Eric Morotti (drums) and Xavier Sperdouklis (bass) nails down with great precision.

Killitorous: The Band

Killitorous: The Band

The Best Of The Songs:

It all opens with sound effects and something from a movie soundtrack before a very power metal style guitar breakout which in time leads to the drums coming in like a herd of stampeding rhinos. “All Hail The Star Child” might only be a couple of minutes but it certainly packs a punch. “Married With Children” is more brutal technical thrashy black metal with, like many of the songs, absolutely superb guitar soloing. There is a good balancing of styles especially between the brutality and technicality. “Rodney Dangerfield Of Dreams” (their titles are as daft as their band name) is one of my favourite tracks. Possibly due to the Middle Eastern sounds going on and the Dio era Rainbow styled guitar solo. There is a movie soundtrack in this which states “pretty sure I don’t need to see a psychologist” which on listening to the album I am pretty sure they do.

Keeping up the quality is “Eat Your God Alive” which has some neo-classical guitar work in the vein of say Malmsteen whilst still being death metal. Also the mid-section is a hoot being manic and progressive with some serious long growls attached. I think this is my favourite track or at least one of them. Difficult to choose what with the Annihilator meets the NWOBHM speed metal workout that is “Re_ Anima_Tomatron” vying for attention strongly (I did note at one point “this is just great heavy music” on my pad due to the riffs, beats, solos and time changes). It is also a lot of fun, and talking of “fun” I have to talk about the bonkers “Insanity As A Pathway To Fame And Fortune: The Tyrannical Tirades Of Mike Tyson” which heads off into country and western ala “Wynona’s Got A Big Brown Beaver” by Primus but only surrounded by extreme metal, only you can Hoe-down in the middle of the metal. We even get a little AOR style vocals at one point. Did I say “bonkers”?

Did I Mention Fun? Final Thoughts!

An album of differing styles most of them heavy in one way or another. The playing is terrific and tight with the guests all adding something to the mix. OK I have no idea what most of the words are or indeed the various cartoon and movie references but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Those who understand them are in for even more aural pleasure. This is an Afterparty worth going to. Prepare to have fun!

Released May 22 on Tentacles Industries

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