WARRANT – QUIET RIOT – Alberta, Canada (Concert Blog)

WARRANT - QUIET RIOT - Alberta, Canada (Concert Blog)Warrant brought the Let The Good Times Roll Tour 2024 with Quiet Riot as the opening act for the show at the Venue in Enoch, AB on February 23rd, 2024. The Venue was almost at sold-out capacity.


Quiet Riot started the show with a set time of about 45 minutes. Quiet Riot has been around the world many times as an opening act to the main headliner. Quiet Riot has had many member changes throughout the band’s career due to members leaving or unfortunately passing away. The current lineup is as follows: Jizzy Pearl (Vocals), Rudy Sarzo (Bass), Alex Grossi (Guitars) and Johnny Kelly (Drums).

Quiet Riot lead singer crossed and bounced across the stage knocking out hit after hit from the Quiet Riot catalogue. Jizzy Pearl was the lead singer of Love/Hate who is the latest current singer for the band. Rudy Sarzo came back to the band after Frankie Banali, unfortunately, passed away due to his battle with cancer. Rudy Sarzo and Frankie Banali had reunited prior to Frankie’s passing and had discussed the fact when Frankie passed that Rudy carry on the Quiet Riot torch to the masses of fans. Rudy Sarzo for being a veteran of the band and being 73 years old for sure did not move around the stage like the average 73-year-old. Rudy ran across the stage, twirled his bass like it was a toothpick and hammed it up for the cameraman and photographers of the night. Alex Grossi has been at the helm of the guitar duties of the band for the past 14 years. Alex honours Quiet Riot with his skills and shreds every Quiet Riot song like he was an original player. Johnny Kelly has been on drum duty since the passing of Frankie Banali in 2020.

Quiet Riot played all the classic QR hits and had the crowd on its feet throughout their entire setlist. The band had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. The crowd was cheering/screaming and dancing the night away. The crowd was an 18+ crowd but there were patrons that night where this was their first concert ever. With Alex Grossi shredding the night away and Rudy Sarzo being a wild man on the bass with Jizzy Pearl being the prominent front man they had won the crowd over in their short opening set. Rudy Sarzo even took a moment to step up to the mic and remember Frankie Banali. Quiet Riot ended their set with the classic hit “Bang Your Head (Metal Health)”.

Quiet Riot Setlist:

Run for Cover

Slick Black Cadillac

Mama Weer All Crazee Now (Slade cover)

Love’s a Bitch

Condition Critical


Blackout in the Red Room (Love/Hate cover)

The Wild and the Young

Let’s Get Crazy

Cum On Feel the Noize (Slade cover)

Bang Your Head (Metal Health)


Warrant took the stage at approximately 10:15 pm. Warrant brought the Let The Good Times Roll Tour to both Calgary, and Enoch, AB with both venues either selling out or close to selling out.

Warrant saw stardom with their debut release in 1989 D.R.F.S.R and then they followed it up with their 2nd album Cherry Pie which made Warrant become a household name. Warrant toured all over the world for many years as a headlining band crossing the globe time after time. Warrant became another causality of the Grunge era and fell out of grace. They became like many other 80’s bands and fought tooth and nail to survive through the 2000 era.  Jani Lane left the band in 2004 to pursue a solo career and later on tried to start up his own version of Warrant which was stopped by his former bandmates by legal actions taken against Jani Lane. Warrant in 2008 took a major blow as they lost their lead singer Jani Lane to alcoholism.

Robert Mason took the helm of lead vocals in 2011 with a Warrant release called Rockaholic with Jerry Dixon (Bass), Joey Allen (Guitars), Erik Turner (Guitars), and Steven Sweet (Drums). To this date, is still the current lineup rocking harder and stronger than ever.  Warrant’s most current release in from 2017 Louder, Harder, Faster. The current lineup is as follows: Robert Mason (Vocals), Erik Turner (Guitars), Joey Allen (Guitars), Steven Sweet (Drums), and Robbie Crane (Bass) who is on tour with the band while Jerry Dixon takes time off to spend with his family.

Warrant came out with guns blazing and hit the stage with a track of their 2nd release Cherry Pie and followed the rocker with three more tracks off the same release. Warrant kept the tempo of the start of the setup beat and pure rock n roll. The band slowed things down with the classic hit “I Saw Red” where we saw the vocal prowess of Robert Mason handling this song while playing acoustic guitar. Again the band stepped up the pace and took a track from their debut album “Big Talk” followed by another rocker from their 2nd release Cherry Pie. Robert Mason once again strapped on an acoustic guitar for “Blind Faith”.  Joey Allen then took center stage and completed a shredding guitar solo. After Joey Allen melted people’s faces off with his guitar shredding, the band went into a track off their 3rd release Dog Eat Dog. The track “Hole In My Wall” saw the band take a different look at their sound during the grunge era. The band then hit back with three more tracks from their debut album where you saw all the band show off what they bring to the “pie”. You see Joey and Erik attacking their guitars relentlessly while you see Robbie Crane being a beast on the bass. Steven Sweet brought up the beat with the drums and Robert Mason hit the notes like only the late and great Jani Lane could. Robert Mason has mastered the art of getting the crowd involved in sing-alongs with the band on Warrant hits and their most current track “Harder, Louder, Faster” from 2017.  Warrant closed out the night with their biggest hit off their 2nd release “Cherry Pie”.

Warrant brought the rock to the River Cree Casino’s Venue. And the fans were there to show their admiration of the band and there to have a kick-ass rock n roll show.  Both the fans and the band delivered that night.

Warrant Setlist:

Sure Feels Good to Me

Love in Stereo

WARRANT - QUIET RIOT - Alberta, Canada (Concert Blog)Bed of Roses

You’re the Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised

I Saw Red

Big Talk

Mr. Rainmaker

Blind Faith

Guitar Solo (Joey Allen)

The Hole in My Wall

Down Boys


Sometimes She Cries

Louder Harder Faster


Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Cherry Pie (with “We Will Rock You” intro)

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