VNTER – Unfolding (EP Review)


When this Vnter EP first appeared across my desk at CGCM Towers I didn’t fancy it, mainly because I didn’t – and still don’t – know how the name is pronounced. I know it’s “de rigeur” in music these days to miss out the odd vowel, but it makes no sense to me.

I’m guessing it’s Swedish related…….

Someone will surely know and make me look a fool and all of a sudden it will become obvious.

One thing I do know, however, is that Unfolding is a cracking slice of modern metal that got deep inside my brain in a way that made me forget about my moniker malaise.

Vnter grew from the remnants of White Limo who disbanded in 2016. They have released two albums with varying members and the last album (Overcoming) was mainly a one-man effort from Andy Larsson (guitar, vocals).


There followed the decision to make it a team effort and enjoy the rewards of band-focussed recording and so Vnter now consists of Andy, Oliver Gonzalez Stiller (bass), Alexander Wedding (drums) and Rikard Borg (lead guitar)

We open with “Forever Never Ends” and a marching band riff reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age. The vocals are clear and powerful and it’s quite an intense track to kick off with. It took a couple of listens for it to get me, but get me it did.

We are greeted with a gentle start to “Pieces of Me” but it soon picks up into another intense track. No screaming guitar solos yet, though.

There’s more than a hint of Muse in “Holy Freedom” and it’s a stomping singalong track with associated fist pumping.

They have been described as arena rock. I can see that, imagining whole-hearted crowd participation reacting to the big sounds.


It’s funny how some albums or EPs work where the songs get better as the album goes along. This is one of those times.

“New Beginning” takes things up a notch and with a touch of Volbeat it proves to be a winner. There’s a sort of guitar solo in there but it doesn’t seem to matter that they don’t trade in such things.

The big finish comes along in no time in the form of “Euphoria” which is a rousing affair and one surely to get the crowd going.

Vnter have produced an outstanding EP of modern metal for the masses. There are no rough edges that may displease some, but by being polished they bring metal into the present, if not future.

I loved Unfolding and if you fancy a peak into the future of the genre you love, give this a whirl. You won’t be disappointed.

BUY: Unfolding


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