THE STRUTS – Vancouver 2023 (Concert Blog)

THE STRUTS - Vancouver 2023 (Concert Blog)Well, it was a first time for me all around. It was my first time being in the Commodore Ballroom, first time seeing Mac Saturn and my first time seeing THE STRUTS. On all 3 accounts, I was presently surprised and enjoyed it all.

The Commodore Ballroom, if not sold out, was close to capacity to see these two bands. The opening act was Mac Saturn a Detroit, MI band that has an influence in rock from the past but also carries themselves as a band in the new rock n roll genre. Mac Saturn consists of the following players: Carson Macc (vocals), Angelo Coppola (drummer), Mike Moody (guitars), Nick Barone (guitars), Jive Moses (bass) and Evan Mercer (keyboard).

Mac Saturn sure did not seem like an opening act. They seemed to be a finely tuned machine that had been on tour for a long time. They came out strong and had the Vancouver crowd cheering and clapping right along. For myself never seeing these guys it came as quite a surprise at such a following they had as an opening act. They will be a band to be reckoned with in the future. Carson the lead singer had the crowd in the palm of his hand their entire set and he knew it and never slowed down bouncing across the stage.

As I stood there and watched and listened it was like I was transported back in time when The Rolling Stones were first coming onto the scene. Their songs are very infectious and very dance/groove-orientated. It was a pleasure to watch this young up-and-coming band keeping Rock N Roll alive.


Mac Saturn setlist:

THE STRUTS - Vancouver 2023 (Concert Blog)Diamonds

Persian Rugs

Get on the Phone

Ain’t Like You


Mr. Cadillac

Mint Julep

Plain Clothes Gentleman


THE STRUTS are a British-formed Rock N Roll Band in 2012. The band’s major influences are groups like Queen, Def Leppard, Michael Jackson, The Strokes, My Chemical Romance the list goes on. THE STRUTS band members consist of the following: Luke Spiller (vocals), Adam Slack (guitars), Jed Elliott (bass), and Gethin Davies (drums).

THE STRUTS - Vancouver 2023 (Concert Blog)THE STRUTS took the stage to a near-capacity crowd for the Commodore Ballroom and had the place on its feet for the entire night. The band came out strong with amazing energy and never took their foot off the pedal all night. THE STRUTS are out on tour promoting their most current release 2023 Pretty Vicious.

THE STRUTS started to play hits from their first release from 2014 Everybody Wants and they kept the hits coming from their sophomore release in 2018 Young And Dangerous. The band kept the tunes flying and the rock was not dying as they had the crowd cheering and clapping and bouncing all night long. They continued the night with hits from Strange Days from 2020 to their latest release Pretty Vicious 2023.

As the night progressed you could see the definite influences that Queen, Def Leppard, The Strokes or Chemical Romance had on this band throughout the years and the writing song process. They certainly realized how to write a catchy hook and an amazing guitar riff. The band kept the crowd going all night, they made sure that the crowd would walk out of the Commodore Ballroom saying that they saw an amazing band that would become the new faces of rock n roll as they are keeping it alive and well.


THE STRUTS setlist:

Dirty Sexy Money

Body Talks

Fallin’ With Me

Too Good at Raising Hell

Kiss This


In Love With a Camera

One Night Only

(Luke on piano for the first… more )

Mary Go Round

(Luke and Adam only)

Primadonna Like Me

Wild Child

Pretty Vicious

I Won’t Run

Where Did She Go

Put Your Money on Me


Strange Days

Could Have Been Me

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