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PAIN CITY – When Life Gets You (Album Review)

So, I’m a proper idiot sometimes! Listeners of the CGCM Audio Podcast Episodes are already aware of this, however! Let me give a quick little backstory here. My email inbox is literally flooded daily with album promos, band news, video releases etc. Having a minor breakdown at the sheer overwhelmingness of it all, I started […]

TOMORROW’S OUTLOOK – A Voice Unheard (Album Review)

Tomorrow’s Outlook formed in 2007 in Sørvik, Troms County, Norway. That’s Arctic Northern Norway. Sounds way too cold for this Canadian Metalhead! The original formation saw songwriter Trond Nicolaisen and bassist/songwriter Andreas Stenseth joining forces. In present times as of 2018 the core line-up duo has added guitarist Øystein K. Hanssen. The boys take their […]


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