SKID ROW-BUCKCHERRY – Calgary, AB 2024 (Concert Blog)

SKID ROW-BUCKCHERRY - Calgary, AB 2024 (Concert Blog)Well, The Gang’s All Here Tour which was postponed from Oct. 2023 has finally made its way to Calgary, AB at The Grey Eagle Casino Events Center. The bands played the night before in Dawson Creek, BC and due to some unforeseen events the band’s arrival was late not for the show mind you but what should have taken the bands 8 ½ hours from city to city took them 14 hours to travel due to the tour bus breaking down on the highway. But that in no way dampened the spirits of these road-weary rockers.


Buckcherry came out full guns with the classic hit “Lit Up”. Buckcherry has been recently promoting on tour their latest release Vol.10 which is the band’s 10th album release was released in 2023. The current band members are Josh Todd (vocals), Stevie D (guitars), Kelly Lemieux (bass), Bily Rowe (guitars), and Francis Ruiz (drums).

Josh Todd came out on stage like the rock star he is bouncing, spinning and dancing in a way only Josh Todd can. Stevie D was blazing on his guitars all night long bouncing, jumping and twisting and turning like a tornado outta control. Billy Rowe was stage right jamming on his guitars all night, not as crazy as Stevie D but it doesn’t take away from the amazing ability he has to showcase his skills of the 6 string he wields throughout the show.  Francis Ruiz keeps the beat going throughout the set never missing a cue or a beat. Kelly Lemieux keeps hammering on the bass during the show, jumping, pounding on the bass and playfully giving the finger in the show during the song “Somebody Fucked With Me”.

Buckcherry was on fire and ready to tear the place up which they did in their set. They had about a 45-minute set and the band has carefully selected what tracks to play and keep the show rocking and sweaty. Buckcherry rocked and kept the crowd screaming, clapping and stamping their feet throughout their set. The boys from Buckcherry touched on every release they have put out and made sure to hit all the fan favourites and their most popular releases. Buckcherry made sure to have this near-capacity crowd warmed up in style and made sure it started out to be a hot sweaty rock show.

SKID ROW-BUCKCHERRY - Calgary, AB 2024 (Concert Blog)Buckcherry Setlist:

Lit Up

So Hott

Somebody Fucked With Me

Tight Pants



Porno Star

Good Times



Crazy Bitch


Skid Row had to postpone the Gang’s All Here Tour in Oct. 2023 but they sure made up for it in Calgary, AB on March 10th, 2024. The postponement came due to ensure the health of Erik Gronwall who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in March 2021. The band had decided in good faith to postpone the 3rd leg of the tour to ensure Erik Gronwall stays as healthy as can be.

SKID ROW-BUCKCHERRY - Calgary, AB 2024 (Concert Blog)Skid Row has been a band that has been in and out of the tabloids due to when they “fired” Sebastian Bach from his lead vocal duties for the band. The band has gone through a few lead singers since the release of Sebastian Bach. But they seem to have found the perfect fit with Erik Gronwall. The young Swedish rocker can nail the howls and screeches that a young Sebastian Bach used to be able to without breaking a sweat. The current Skid Row lineup is Erik Gronwall (lead vocals), DaveSnakeSabo (guitars), Scotti Hill (guitars), and Rob Hammersmith (drums).

Skid Row came to Shake, Rattle & Roll and that’s what they did. They hit the crowd with a track off their second release Slave To The Grind and followed that up with a release from their debut album to show that they still have the “Big Guns” to pull off a stellar rock n roll show. The band hit the crowd hard and fast with rockers from their first two releases. And then it felt like they punched the crowd in the face with a Ramones cover of “Psycho Therapy” where Rachel Bolan took the lead on vocals for this track. They brought a little punk rock to the stage by pulling that track into the setlist which complements the show greatly. Erik Gronwall takes the duties of vocals again on the next track which was a release from The Gang’s All Here. Erik Gronwall works the crowd as he engages them at every chance he gets, he jumps down into the photo pit and stands on the security rail and grabs a fan’s phone and playfully shows the crowd and himself singing and then returns it to the rightful owner. Scotti Hill and Snake Sabo tear through their guitar riffs front and center stage and get the fans clamouring as they toss guitar pics into the crowd. The band slows down for the classic “I Remember You” where every member showcases their skills and shows why this current lineup runs like a well-oiled machine. The last three songs of the night are again blazing rockers and get the crowd hot and sweaty fueled by a rock n roll machine that was here to blow the roof off the place. Skid Row did not disappoint and delivered a high-energy Rock N Roll show!! You can tell their music has transcended time as even the band noticed that there were generations of rockers in the crowd. The loudest age group at the show was the 40+ plus crowd. But that just shows you never get old with Rock N Roll…. Till The Next Time!!!

Skid Row Setlist:

Slave to the Grind

Big Guns

18 and Life

Piece of Me

Livin’ on a Chain Gang


Psycho Therapy (Ramones cover)

Time Bomb

I Remember You

Monkey Business

The Gang’s All Here

Youth Gone Wild

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