Shiraz Lane - Vibration IIf you’re a fan of hard rock and you don’t know who Shiraz Lane is, get with the program, people! The group formed in 2011 in Vantaa, Finland and have recently released an EP through record label Ranka Kustannus called Vibration I. The EP is a follow-up to 2018’s full-length album Carnival Days which is one of my personal favourite albums from the ‘’new wave of sleaze/hard rock’’ bands. Vibration I is a five-song compilation including the singles ‘’Do You’’ and ‘‘Revolution’’ as well as a cover of Savage Garden’s ‘’To The Moon and Back’’. The album opens with ‘’Keep It Alive’’, and I can’t help but imagine driving along an open highway in the summer having a good time. The song has a strong riff pushing the song forward, led by guitarists Jani Laine and Miki Kalske. As can be expected from a Shiraz Lane song, the impressive vocal range and styles of lead singer Hannes Kett are featured prominently on the album opener. ‘’Do You’’ is next, with a little bit of a slower chorus, but the catchy melody and lyrics make this song my favourite song from the EP. ‘’Revolution’’ picks things up again and this is where the skills of the rhythm section, with Joel Alex on bass and Ana Willman on drums, are really highlighted. Slowing it down again is ‘’You Will Remain’’, with a good mix of driving drums and slow vocal and guitar-driven verses. Although I am completely sick of all of the cheesy ‘’I love you to the moon and back’’ quotes that have taken over social media, Shiraz Lane’s cover of ‘’To The Moon and Back’’ brings actual meaning to the words. In my opinion, this amped-up ‘’rockified’’ version of the song is in every way an improvement on the original.

Overall, this EP is another strong release from the Finnish rockers, who stand out amongst your average rock band due to their incorporation of a variety of musical styles into their compositions. The guys have songs for whatever mood you’re in – a chill night at home or partying with friends – and I hope to get a chance to see their energy live on stage someday soon. Looking forward to Vibration II!

Shiraz Lane - Vibration I

If you’re looking to get a copy of Vibration I the album is available as a limited-edition signed CD here.

The guys also have a European tour coming up at the end of the month, with many dates for the lucky Finnish and German fans.


Stay Metal! \m/

Rachel Leigh Vendetta

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