PLATINUM OVERDOSE - Covered In Leather (Album Review)

PLATINUM OVERDOSE – Covered In Leather

One thing missing from a lot of newer Hard Rock albums is the “Party” vibe. Well, if you agree with that statement, even just a little, you will want to check this out!

Covered in Leather

The L.A. rocking band, Platinum Overdose is back and kicking ass once again with their fourth album, Covered in Leather. This album is available now for purchase at DDR Records for physical albums or the band’s Bandcamp site for digital copies. Lance V, a principal member at DDR handles the bass duties with Platinum Overdose, while Matt Thorr (Rough Cutt) plays rhythm guitars, Rick Mead (Syre) handles leads. If that’s not great enough for ya we have Steve Philbrook (Brass Kitten) on vocals.

Mix Up or Mash-Up

One might note that many of the songs on Covered in Leather are in fact cover tunes.  You have some of the rock greats like “Blackout” (Scorpions), “Heavy Metal” (Sammy Hagar), and “Parasite” (KISS). Also, you can find some other real gems on this album. Other classics such as “Rock Brigade” (Def Leppard), and this one has such a killer guitar solo in it, that you will be wanting to listen to just that part over and over itself!

Wait though…There is more still. We have “We Rule the Night“. Don’t know this one, well 80s fans can raise their fists and break out their denim coats and tassels because this is a Bon Jovi demo. “Sleaze If You Please” and “Tonight, Tonight” are great tributes to Lance V’s music teacher Todd Kelly from Tuff Luck. We have more classics like Aerosmith’s, “Lick, and a Promise”, but here we get another great addition and that’s a guest appearance of Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot). One that caught this writer’s eye was “Black Widow”. At first, I thought of the Alice Cooper classic from the immortal Welcome to My Nightmare album, but I was wrong…so wrong.

Classic or Forgetful

The track “Black Widow”, which finally appeared on the Motley Crue album Red, White and Crue’d was written for Shout at the Devil. Some could say it was left off that original album for a reason. Others might love it. However, there is just something great about the Platinum Overdose rendition. Maybe the vibe, the different sounds on the vocals, or whatever. It is just great to hear.  Yes, the last three tracks have also been included in past Overdose albums, but with songs, this well-covered, getting them again is okay with me!

Platinum Overdose Band drawingLastly, as previously mentioned not all the tracks on Covered in Leather are covers! “Can’t Let Go” is a killer song, and just entices new listeners of Platinum Overdose to dive back into their past three offerings and discover how there are some bands still flying the flag of 80s’ inspired hard rock.

Platinum or Aluminum

So, is Covered in Leather a platinum album? Maybe not in the RIAA way of measuring things, but it brings that party vibe back into my life, and these days anything that helps drown out the forever dooming news of the world cannot be a bad thing. So, I will line up and get my vaccine…rock vaccine that is! A pure Platinum Overdose for me.

Keep Rockin’!


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  1. Blackout
  2. Parasite
  3. Can’t Let Go
  4. We Rule The Night
  5. Sleaze If You Please
  6. Lick, And A Promise
  7. Heavy Metal
  8. Rock Brigade
  9. Tonight, Tonight
  10. Black Widow