Time for yet another review. Yes again. However, this time we time travel to a time of in your face, growling vocals, and head pounding metal. March 22nd brought us a time capsule from one of the Godfathers of thrash and heavy metal. Megadeth brings forth a great package of three disks starting back from the beginning to the most recent Dystopia.

To some it’s just another greatest hits compilation package. To me it’s memories of sitting in my friend’s Firebird, barrelling down the road, when we should have been in class. This set however isn’t just a re-release. It’s got many updates, remastered, and remixed versions of the tunes we all know and love.

The first disk goes from “Rattlehead” right through to “Holy Wars“. I was quite pleased to see they didn’t include “Peace Sells but Who’s Buying” on here, since it’s been done time and time again from special remasters to multi-disk packages. It just wasn’t needed here.

The second disk spans from “Hanger 18“, through to “Reckoning Day“. With most of these being remastered from 2004-2012. It’s got every classic, and blistering guitar solo a fan could want or need. Also included is the Megadeth masterpiece “A Tout Le Monde“.

On the third disk are songs “Trust” up to the most recent “Dystopia“. This to me would be the weakest of the three disks. However, depending on your start of fandom with Dave and the boys, this could be the one you want most. Everyone has a starting point. This doesn’t make you less or more of a fan.

Whether or not you see this as just another greatest hits package. Or maybe this is your introduction to Megadeth, it does not matter. It’s a set full of classic, fist pounding and, head banging tunes, that’ll have you in the middle of the mosh pit with the other Megadeth maniacs.

If you love metal from yesteryear or today, you need to have this 2 hour, and 46 minutes set in your collection.

Rock On!

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Disk One:

  1. Rattlehead (Remastered 2018)
  2. Mechanix (Remastered 2018)
  3. Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good (Remastered 2018)
  4. The Conjuring (Remastered 2011)
  5. Wake Up Dead (Remastered 2011)
  6. Devils Island (Remastered 2011)
  7. Good Mounring/Black Friday
  8. Set The World Afire (Remastered 2004)
  9. In My Darkest Hour (Remastered 2004)
  10. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due (Remastered 2004)

Disk Two:

  1. Hanger 18 (Remastered 2004)
  2. Tornado Of Souls (Remastered 2004)
  3. Rust In Peace…Polaris (Remastered 2004)
  4. Five Magics (Remastered 2004)
  5. Take No Prisoners (Remastered 2004)
  6. Skin O’My Teeth (Remastered 2012)
  7. Angry Again
  8. Symphony Of Destruction (Remastered 2012)
  9. Sweating Bullets (Remastered 2004)
  10. A Tout Le Monde
  11. Train Of Consequences
  12. Reckoning Day

Disk Three:

  1. Trust (Remastered 2004 / Remixed)
  2. She-Wolf (Remastered 2004 / Remixed)
  3. Wanderlust (Remastered 2004)
  4. Dread and the Fugitive Mind
  5. Blackmail the Universe
  6. Washington Is Next!
  7. Head Crusher
  8. Public Enemy No.1
  9. Kingmaker
  10. The Threat Is Real
  11. Poisonous Shadows
  12. Death From Within
  13. Dystopia
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